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I returned to the store with the core and was told I couldn't get a refund since my wife purchased the starter on her debit card. The "pro-rated" warranty is sort of useless. Again I use this password for EVERYTHING and was Denied AGAIN. Stay away from Advance Auto Parts. They took cash immediately out of her bank account. I walked out completely frustrated and felt ripped off. Customer Care did not care about the images and talking to the Head of Customer Care, "She is the highest person anyone can talk to at Advanced Auto". found this review helpful dean of Dallas, PA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Dec. Not all consumers may qualify; certain restrictions apply. Couldn't find my info in system. However, borrowers often use these loans over a period of months, which can be expensive. First time experience is very positive! Thanks sincerely. Be the first one to find this review helpful Robert of Blackwood, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Jan. found this review helpful J of Madison, WI Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. Be the first one to find this review helpful christina of Miami, FL Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct. You may also be asked to provide documentation as proof of identification. I run a small farm service business and constantly need parts, so this tells me that they don't need my business. Found the Item I wanted, applied the coupon and tried to check out. I called their so called Customer Service and of course they will give a refund but you have to take the time to send it back and then wait. He was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I guess that isn’t so for certain stores. I go to pay for my item and put my email address in. So ya this is not good for customers. Guess it was too close to AutoZone. I chose Advanced over AMAZON and EBAY. Insight Visa® Prepaid Debit Cards are issued by Republic Bank of Chicago, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. I said, "Well that's good to know. I thought I had gotten a good battery. I would like to offer my gratitude to BBCU for the help offered me after my purse was stolen. The Advance clerk tested the battery with their machine and told me the battery was OK. I looked up and you have to go through their Customer Care Center to reach the corporate office. So I described the kid who helped me originally and then "Bobby" tells me that that guy no longer works there. I thank you again for your quick response and looking out for loyal customers like me.

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. Everything they sell are very poor quality, they do not work, they come out defective and it is always a problem when you wants to make a claim, or want to exchange or your money back. They denied our rebate with no reason. Went through it all again and nope. First he acted like he didn't hear me. After that, it only took a few years for the battery to start to fail. They give me a In store credit and now what the Hell I suppose to do with it. Rockauto.com is good and Auto dealerships sell OEM parts online for even less than RockAuto. When I walked into an advance auto part store I was told they couldnt find me in the system so I couldnt switch the battery out. Fast and easy payday loans durham nc. You will be asked to provide your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. I was very disappointed and let down. Guess you are bound to get one sooner or later." They said, "What's your phone number." I give it to them. Payday loans in granada hills ca. Everything electrical checked out on my car. If I treated paying customers like this I would have been out of business in a year. Waterford cash advance. I have a similar battery problem with an Autozone battery and they replaced it without a problem. They acted like they could care less. He said it ain't their job and left me and kids in cold parking lot till a lady older than us gave me a boost and said, "Pray for them. Be the first one to find this review helpful james of Waterford, WI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Feb. Well, if I got a replacement battery and had no troubles, then the problem is solved. This is going up on Yelp and every other venue I can find. Even though it's a "sealed" lead-acid battery, I decided to open it, and to my surprise, there is very little electrolyte left, about half. I have a plumbing company and I always honor my warranties. I just had a jug of oil to recycle. My car is overheating and I'm going to end up cracking the heads if I keep driving it yet I am a single parent and must go to work and take my child to school. The last week I had issues every morning. I was not making him go out of his way or stop helping a customer by any means. Saw them cheaper." We were told there is a rebate so it come to less than if they had cheaper ones in stock. She walked to the back of the store and I can hear her talking to another co worker about what she was doing for the holidays. Sick and tired of crappy service. It's a fraud, they told me I had to go to the exact store I bought it in to see if they could help me. One of many reasons I haven't shopped there in years. The battery has the mfg date on it. He went back and checked and came back up and said they didn't have anything for me. I took it in to replace it, expecting to just walk out with a new battery due to the free replacement warranty.It was a big headache, similar to other posts here about trying to replace their battery. I should add more sulfuric acid because water alone probably will not work. I would think my issue would have been resolved easily but have gotten nowhere. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. I walked over to guy on computer and he never got off computer or even said hello, or "I’ll be with you in a minute." Nothing. I click shopping icon and my order is in my cart. Well they say, "We can't find you. y la Ley de Financiación de California, Cal. Have they told me this earlier I could have had another part from another place but I did not find anything out until the day it was due and I already paid for it. found this review helpful Louis of St. Just rude, crappy customer service. I am open to suggestions if anyone has one. Don't spend your money." Autozone fixed my battery and made it work. This was my last purchase with them. I was immediately informed by Pam, and we stopped the card and a new one was issued. Input my email and they want me to sign in. found this review helpful Thomas of Olean, NY Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. Either way just like the other reviews. Louis, MO Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. My bad as I didn't do my homework first, just be aware Advance has extremely high prices! found this review helpful Ed of Seaford, Other Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. of Elberton, GA Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. It was your fault for let the truck sit for a week." I've never had this happen to any of my cars and I've been around the block a few times. I took the battery to the Advance Auto store and after putting it on their tester they proclaimed the battery in working order. Thank you so much for being on top of things as far as whomever took my card information. The famous testing machine can't think beyond that the battery should start your car, end of discussion. I find this unacceptable!! Advance Auto Parts is full of thieves trying to get customers to purchase new batteries by making it impossible to locate you in the system. I have a thought, maybe it's their testing machine which is designed to not honor the battery warranty. No more Advance Auto for me. I spend time to check everything over. found this review helpful Kolonda of Atlanta, GA Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct.. Will be use RockAuto from now on. If I still have problems then the problem is elsewhere. BIG MISTAKE.Their Customer Care Center is a JOKE. Order it through the store. The girl behind the counter, who appeared to be the only one running the store, kept insisting that I already received my core refund and that it was applied as a discount promotion. The pictures tell everything about how much they care, and their "Customer Care Center" just confirmed the same attitude as the mess in the box. But it will only be a little time before they close as their customer base is growing smaller and smaller. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. found this review helpful Bruce of Bosque Farms, NM Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. So I type in my password and it says it's incorrect. But the sales person said "not to worry." We tested it and it looked OK. When customer service finally answered, they told her that they could not re-bill the order because I paid with PayPal online. My wife is out of state with a sick family member. They tossed the flashlights into the box and then placed the paper protection on top of it all and all of it very loosely packaged, so yeah. Noticia al Consumidor: Un Avance de nómina es típicamente para dos o cuatro semanas.

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. I asked her why she didn't test my battery right away and put it on a charger and she said that she will do it when she have time. They would not remotely consider exchanging it since the machine did not kick out a particular code. Company protocol.the guy called it.Yeah.protocol to rip people off. It belongs to the owner of the shop. Later, I talked to another employee, Matthew. Shannon was my main go-to person and in spite of not feeling well helped me many times to get me up and going once again. Consumidores de California: Compañía está autorizada por el Departamento de Negocios de Supervisión bajo la ley de Transacciones Depósito Diferidas de California, Cal