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Q: I didn'treceive my activation letter.or my time ran out. You can easily spot him in the lineup because he is the one with the jar of Jiffy peanut butter and a collection of saltines bulging from his tattered coat pockets. It will be received by a technician who can help you. If you don't see it in your inbox, please look in your spam folder before contacting us. Q: My credit report does not contain Spouse information. If you have downloaded the entire zip file, it will open if you choose OPEN or RUN and inside the ZIP file is the Credit-Aid setup file. You have greater success if by paper mail. All of your important sensitive client data is safely encrypted on your own computer and not saved on a server where it can be accessed by anyone else. Q: I bought a copy of Credit-Aid, but my computer crashed. When you seen "Unknown Publisher" simply continue the install process. The "turn-key" solutions have everything you need to start a credit repair business, including client contracts, power of attorney and many other necessary documents and additional letters. You can also contact us here. A Canadian version my be in the works soon, but for the moment, it takes all the hours in the day to improve our own American version. What you need to get a cash advance. Q: I am a Mortgage Broker and I want to be able to help my clients with their credit. Our software gives you all the tools you need to handle the process and it is a tremendous time saver. We are too busy selling our own and insuring customer satisfaction. But that does not mean that they go soft on delinquent borrowers.  The Education Department has come under some criticism for hiring private debt collectors that some people consider overly aggressive. Here below is an alternative source if you are seeking an actual credit "score". If you are Canadian and need help with. Q: I was sent a shipping confirmation email from Google Checkout or PayPal. The only different is number of available client slots. A: If it says DEMO DEMO, that is NOT the Credit-Aid Full Version program. Q: I have a desktop, a laptop, and several other computers in my office. You will have no way to track your clients, so the software will be useless to professionals. Those collectors are still bound by all of the basic rules for any collection. "Home-user" versions are only for home-users.

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. Accurate negative items can often be removed, as well, but they take a bit more finesse. Please click here for our site in Spanish. However, we do not support Macs.

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. That's what we do and we do it extremely well. We do provide links for easy to access credit scores, but please understand that we have no affiliation with the credit bureaus.


. If you paid an extra fee to purchase a backup CD/Shipped one will be shipped to you. They do not maintain combined files for spouses. Plus, the good will you've generated by "going the extra mile" for that client will pay you back many times over in referrals.Our Credit-Aid Professional software is very user-friendly.We offer try-before-you-buy demo versions of our PRO software. However, we're sure that your score will indeed increase. If you are starting a credit-repair-business you will need a turnkey product. Some of that critique focuses on their loan rehabilitation incentive program. All of our pro packages are identical. If you have used Google's email masking when placing your order, this could make it more difficult for us, so the more info you can provide, the better. However, private student loans are given the standard legal status of most types of unsecured consumer debt. If you have purchased through Google please log into your Google Account at to see your order’s status. If you ordered the download version and received a confirmation letter that your card was charged or that your order has shipped, that means that we also sent your software and it is waiting for you at the email address that you have provided. Statute of limitations on payday loans in pa. We will be unable to regenerate and resend your download if more than one year has passed since your purchase. If you purchase through Paypal, you can log into your PayPal account at to see your order status. After that it is all profit. Clients cannot be deleted. Q: Help! I can't download my Credit Reports from the Credit Bureau web site! A: We don’t have upgrades, because one product does not replace another.however when it's full you could buy another, and we always give discounts to repeat customers. Doubleclick on the Credit-Aid setup file and in a few seconds the installer will start. Please consult with an attorney in your specific state to confirm this. Click here for more information on credit law by state. Credit scores however, usually must be purchased. Please download the free trial demo to see if that will run on your Mac. Any transaction you make with a bureau or a credit report service is between you and them. If you have a Mac and are running Windows XP or Vista, then you should be able to run it. It is the same as with any future tax refund or federal benefit in order to make up the outstanding obligation. You cannot add more names, you cannot delete them.

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. These packages are a much better value and will pay for itself with the first few clients. Also you will have no product updates or support. They are in a separate location and they cannot help with technical matters. Errors are easiest to remove.

We are not in the credit report business. To quote Eddie Murphy, "that stuff is for forever." Neither type of loan is protected from being re-assigned to a private debt collection agency. Make sure to use the email address you used when making your original purchase and include any relevant details. True, issuers and servicers of these loans do benefit from the framework that makes them non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. It was written by attorneys to address dispute items, negotiate with creditors and keep it all organized. We always give discounts to existing customers. If you have any trouble, please send us a friendly email and we will be happy to help you. What you have is only the free Demo, and you must completely uninstall the demo prior to installing and running the full-version. Please visit this page for a support form. Q: I have paid for Credit Doctor and received my Activation Code from you, but when I try to enter my activation code into the program, it just says DEMO DEMO and I can't enter in the code. If you help one client to raise their score and close a loan, the professional software will have already paid for itself many times over. If you purchase directly with a credit card, you will receive email notification when the order has processed, along with your download and activation info. The statute of limitations on student loans can end with a private student loan - a fact that contradicts the prevailing notion that there is a dichotomous nature to student loans: private loans are bad and federal loans are good. Such an example is far from unusual. Our software is for automating the dispute letter process. We now do this because Norton and other Antivirus products prevent downloads of exe setup files. Therefore, your credit report is separate and different from your spouse's. Even a Social Security benefit is not exempt from the collection of a federal student loan debt. However, laws can vary from state to state. This generally happens in approval. For more information about pro software, please click here to visit the PRO page and click on any of the product buttons. Private student loans generally come with higher rates of interest, must be repaid earlier, and are generally far less lenient when it comes to repayment than are any of the loans originated or guaranteed by the government. We simply provide the link to their site or to print a letter. The Power of Attorney letter is included in our larger professional versions. You will have no product updates, professional materials or support. The professional versions can handle multiple clients. That's where they sometimes end up, because spam filters also can filter out important mail.If you do not see your activation letter in your SPAM or BULK email folders, please do not call our sales staff. If you have general questions about running the software. It has everything you need and it will more than pay for itself with the first few clients. We also truly want to help people. If you did not receive your activation letter, first please look in your SPAM or BULK email folder. Federal loans come with all kinds of special benefits which still make them a far better option than a private loan. If you would like information about purchasing a multiple user license, click here for more information and pricing. To be honest, we do not pay attention to other company’s products. Currently those loans qualify for Income-Based Repayment and Income-Contingent Repayment plans. This usually occurs when trying to "retype" the name and code we sent. They can even take a refund derived from overpayment of taxes on the income of your spouse. Contact our support team and we will be happy to help you very quickly, however, before you do, please read the following so we can help you. Our turnkey credit repair packages have everything needed to start a credit repair business; advanced features, additional letters, support, and bonus materials that include client contract, rate sheet and power of attorney. We are the one seller of consumer and professional credit repair software in America. If you purchased a download, you will only receive a download. There are no monthly or ongoing fees on our credit repair software