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Fund Blanche Kitchen Fund David V. L Sama Foundation Loan U Of L Medical Schoo Morton W. Sch Gifts - Neonatal Gift-Academic Team Sponsored Agncy Gift Licensng & Merchndsg Comwelth Inds. Yu Gifts-Djulbegovic Rs Drug Study-Dr Kl Ben Reid Schol. RESR FD-GIFT GHEENS FDN C.I.I. Hydro cash loan. Rouben Gifts L & C/Nursing Gifts-Dr. Nichols Brown, David for Alyssa Cramer Greene,John P Shuster, Brett Falcone, Jeff McClave, Stephen Mast, Ben Maldonado, Claudio Schwarz, John Meier, Jacqueline Golder, Seana Dr. Michelson Gifts - Bradshaw Gifts-Djulbegovic Gifts-Dr. Strickler Chair-State Miranda Scholarship Center for Depression Fund Audre Lorde Endowed Chair B. Gifts in Kind LAW ADMIN GIFTS IN KIND LAW LIBRARY GIFTS IN KIND AARON SCHOLP GIFTS IN KIND CHILD & YOUTH PROJ GFTS/KIND BIOCHEM GIFTS IN KIND MED ADMIN GIFTS IN KIND WOMENS'S CTR GIFTS IN KIND PHYSICAL PLT GIFTS IN KIND VOGT BLDG GIFTS IN KIND CHEMICAL ENG. Law Women Alumnae BANK ONE DIVERSITY Technology Teaching gifts---ecpy GIFTS--EDTL GIFTS---EARLY CHILDHOOD GIFTS---ELFH Huguely Scholarship George W. Hendler Total Quality Mgmt Dr Wright Closed Std Research Graham J. Keyes Scho Soc Of Plastics Engi Geo Stock Scholarsh Manuel Schwartz Scho Dean Ernst Scholar Dr. Neustadt fund for RHEUM Miller Pathology Endowment Greene Birth Defects Endowment S. Hawes Memorial HPL-Medical Primary Care Loans R W Johnson Loan-Med Glotfelty Med Loan J. GIFTS IN KIND COMM&MKT GIFTS IN KIND Biomed Eng. Gigante Memorial Ja Visiting Professors Gifts to Dr. LEARN UNIPRINT DIST ED-HUMANITIES DIST ED-KENT ADMIN DIST ED-KENT INSTRUCTION DELPHI-ICSPS COURSES AAFP PROGRAM ACCOUNT ASIA STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM Dist Ed-SPD Comp Engr/Science Undergrad Business Certificate Dist Ed-English Dist. Journal-Dennis Molfese FPP-P. Bush, Annuity Endowm Liberal St.-Disting.Scholars Disting.Scholars-State Match George A Bush Jr Clinical Trai George A Bush Jr CT-State Horn FDN Franchising PRG-Gift Ky Lions fund for Eye Research Lively Wilson Prof. M&J Owen Scholar fund Music BIO-ENG CHAIR LUTZ K.Garrison FD Ovarian Cancer Rodney Williams Legacy Schlshp Christian BB Mem.

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. Wallace Thacker Shlsp Algood Foods Gifts-Colgate Kids Howard Dillon Gift SAE Mini Baja Gift MUSIC OUTREACH PROGRAM Ed. Fdn Chr in Can Bio-Stat Hiram C. Cohn Gifts White Coat Ceremony Pediatric Crit Care Ped Surgery Res Prg Sheila A. John Eaton UPS FDN GIFT WORLAND SCHOLAR DEAN/LAW SCHOOL/L. Hawes Memo Hpl-Medical Primary Care Loans R W Johnson Loan-Med Glotfelty Med Loan J. Tiwana FPP-Craniofacial Radiology FPP-R. of Helth Know & Cong Sci. LARRY AND SUE PALMER FICA refunds FBMC Leases Reserve for Stu Doubtful Accts Stop/Loss Coverage Racial Equality FBMC Status On Women Health Insurance CODRE Diversity Programming Racial Equality Status On Women IBM Enterprise Storage Server P.Soft Data W. Gift Fund Spd-Kersey Renovation Gifts Bingham Poetry Room International Service Learning Marshall, Buck Scholarship A&S Centennial Fund Life of Mind Speaker Series Hope for the Future-A&S The Citizen College-A&S Bldg. -Fellows Support Neuro.Oncology Res Gift-Vitaz Coleman Clin Improve Award Arabian Horse Assoc Schp Barbara G Blair Fund Tobacco Harm Reduction Dr. Fund Wershaw Educ-Res Fd Barkley Research Fd Pfingst, Adolph Fd Ben Washer Book Fund Overstreet Fund Musi Lovell Award Fund Smith, Ruby Jane Fdn Dale, W.Pratt Jr. Loan SAMA Foundation Loan UofL Medical School Morton W. Stutzenberger Brown, David for S. Sch of Pub Health Info Sci. GRANT MOWER, GEORGE KANG, Y. Oncology-Gift Cardiology Research Mens Club Volleyball Gift-Dr. Me Hughes, Ernest Fund Grauman Scholarship Bennett Scholarship Curran Pope, Dr Curr Homberger Memorial Roberts, Ft Mem Robert G. Camp Libraries Gifts-Multi Rsch Lab H Green Life Ins Bruce A Lafferre Life Gifts-Parola-Ce Gifts-F. STOVER ANNUITY OVERSEERS SCHOLARS DEV PR KHC PROFESSORSHIP UMC Endowment Matthew Aldridge Cowan Fellow Diabeties Research UPF Gift for Pediatric Resch. Center for Environmental Engr. Sci Director - State Gifts-Endowed Ortho Faculty Winna End Chair of MEMS-State Essleburn Endowed Scholarships Lyons Brown Fdn J.G.B. Gifts CHRONIC DISEASE SELF MGR Unrestricted/Misc.

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. Candidacy Fees-Mast Challenge Exam Fees Stl Proc & Late Fees Regis Late Fee Acct Med Application Fee Std Ctr Building Alloc. Fund Alumni Scholar-Walsh La Magia/Finis Davis Mep-Arco Foundation Gifts-Hand Surgery Clsd Studies-Dr Hamm Gifts-Pro Ped Litera Miller Research Ciba Ocular Gift Jewish-Aps Cardilogy Environ Biochem Gift Martin Res Lab Gifts Glee Yorke Gift Fund Minx Sch. Evans Fund Ryan Memorial Fund Patterson Fund Elmore, Dr Fund Winthrop Allen Fund Brecher Scholarship Smith, Milton H Fund Humana Scholar Medky Hattie B. Elmore Loan Fund Ophthalmology Floyd Brewer Memorial Jessie Smith Noyes F Kentucky Child Health Pickett Loan fund MRM Loan Fund O.W. GFTS/KIND SGA GIFTS IN KIND HOUSING OFC GIFTS IN KIND RAD TECH AH GIFTS IN KIND PHYSICAL THER.

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. Scholarship Adams, Harold Schol Alumni Assoc. ALUM FUND WOMENS CLUB SCHOLAR JGB-HIGHEST POTENTIAL HARBRECHT, MD VAS SUR Maxwell P. GIFTS IN KIND PHOTO ARCH LIB GIFTS IN KIND KORNHAUSER LIB. Oncology-Gift Paramount Fds Fac Aw Paterson/Alcon Resch Paul Schultz Fac Awd Peterson Faculty Awd Pitts-Urg Pitts-Urg Potter-Pcg President'S Portrait Priest-Pcg Priest-Row Prospect Research Ac Prough-Ceg Reliance Univ Schol Research Graham J. Dorr Terrace KUUL Project Ellen Ewing FDN. Psychol Ergonomics Center Assoc Of Amer Colleg Civic Leadership Paterson/Alcon Resch Dr Day'S Restr. ALUMNI COUNC RUTH MIDDLEMAN SCHOLARSHI JOHN C. Benz Gifts-Valdes Educ Gifts-Labor Mgmnt Gifts-Ceme Gifts-Dr. Soltau Residuals Den/Onc Research Residual Fund Hertweck Residual Funds Residual Grant Funds-Parola Clinical Nurses Residual Funds Trent Residuals Division of Protective Medicin Residual Funds-LIB Urban Publis Aff Residual Dept. Michelson Coomes-Reserve Acct Gifts-Dr. Med Director-JH Gift C.I.I. East, Cpa FINANCE GIFTS Natatorium Gifts B.F. Renovation CPE Facilities Cond. Neff Award Jjcd Fellowship Cor Fellowship Ctr For Enviro Educ Gifts Cochran Fountn Gifts-Mcrsnsor Dvlp Gifts-Abbott Labs Dr Intl Ctr Prjt Accnt Gift Acct-Ped Inf Ds Phi Beta Kappa Telecom Rsc Ctr Gift Residual Drug Study Gifts-Dr. Burgess Loan Fd Ushs Hlth Prof Loans Hilda Threlkeld Loan Ellen Harris Patters U Of L [email protected] Club Asce Student Loan Albert E. Mcconnell Loan Virgil And Della Sim Louisville Foundatio Medical School Class Medical School Inter Medical Technology L Joe F. Burgess Loan Fd USHS Hlth Prof Loans Hilda Threlkeld Loan Ellen Harris Patters UofL Women's Club ASCE Student Loan Albert E. GIFTS IN KIND ELECTRICAL ENG. RR-CEE Engineering RR-CECS RR-Mechanical Engrg. Med Good Sam-Harambee Nurse K. Keyes Scho Neonatal Research Nursing School Sch. Klein Scholarship Fu Downtown Business School Community Park-Beta Theta Pi Muh, Ali - J and L Found Gifts Institute of Internal Auditors Heth Grad Scholarship-Glass Welch Printing Scholarship Cressman Ctr for Visual Arts Frederick G. fund IIE Chapter Scholar Murray, Jr.

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. Peds TCU/PNP PEDS-Medical Education Prog. McConnell Loan Virgil and Dell Sim Louisville Foundation Medical School Class Medical School Inter Medical Technology L Joe F. Brigman Loan Fd Kellogg-Medical Steiger Memorial Stu H.K. Elmore Loan Fu Ophthalmology Floyd Brewer Memoria Jessie Smith Noyes F Kentucky Child Healt Pickett Loan Fund Mrm Loan Fund O. Cardinal Hall Billy Minardi Hall Jones R.E. Brown-Adv of Diab Res State Ksr Chr In Ped Hrt Rsch-State Rounsavall Endowed Chr-State UMA, PSC Chr in Pulm Med State S & L Gibson Prf in Med-State A & S Professorship-State CIVIC LEADERSHIP/EDUC ENDOW DR. Brigman Loan F Kellogg-Medical Steiger Memorial Stu H. Hendler Reserve Fund Reunion Programs Ritchie-Pcg Row Grant Rw Cohn Restricted Schuschke-Ceg Sephton-Row Settlements/Payments Seven Cos. GROWTH FACTORS PROGRAM COMMUNICATION DEPT. GIFTS WOMEN AND GLOBAL ISSUES AFRICAN AMER. Stiles Life Gifts-Nk Redding Ins COB Learning Center Gifts-Concert Tckets Humana Scholars Fund Emergency Medicine Wagner Labor Law Inst Envir & Sus Dev Gifts Thrptic Ercp Gifts-Z Khan W.L.Broghamer Ed Fnd Gifts-I.E.S.L. Resch Neurology Research Onifer-Urg Paterson-Ceg Perlin-Ugr Perlin-Urg Petry-Pcg Petry-Urg Pfeifer Speaking Fee Property Recovery Rapid Prototyping Research - Zurada Research Dev Funds Research Division Research-Dr. RES FD-STAT Kentucky Seed Fund Gift D.H. Wilkes Memorial Pathology Loan Funds R.R. Plan.Compt Int'L Mba Programs Macular Degen Resrch Gifts Residents Educ Ped Pulmonary Gifts Jos C. Ehrlich Mem Gifts-Sociology Gifts-Anthropology Gifts-Spd Corp Affil Gift-Medtronic Gifts-Pan-African Gifts-Recruiter'S Cl Gifts-Law-Public Ser Gifts-Internatl Acad Dr Kyle Kiesau Fund Bridges Gift Gifts-Internal Med Mary Jo Fink Memoria Gifts-Dr. BUS GIFTS IN KIND DENTAL ALUMNI GIFTS IN KIND BIOSCI DTL GIFTS IN KIND DIAGNOSTICS DTL GIFTS IN KIND PERI/ENDO DTL GIFTS IN KIND LIBRARY ASSOC. Clair Award Gifts-Equine Admin Gifts-Va Pain Clinic Gifts-P. Oz Birmingham Area Alumni Club Sc Gifts for University Writing C Cardinal Club Scholarships Dr. Fund Clinical Chem/Hosp COLGATE KIDS Administrative Fund Ophthalomology Clinical fund Ophthalomology Primary Care fd Ophthalomology Research fund Ophthalomology Admin Fund Ophthalomology Edu. FELLOWSHIP-STAT SCHMIDT FOUNDATION ENDOWM N. Meyzeck Lo Nancy Middleton Smit B.M. Polk, Jr., Endowent FOUNDERS CHAIR IN CANCER R W.M. JORDAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND SPATOLA PHD FELLOWSHIPS-ST OHP PAS CHAIR-STATE N.L. Gray Endow Research Fd River City Alumni Club Scholar Emery E. FOR BIO, HEALTH&LAW EPIDEM.AND CLIN INVEST SCI BIOINFOR. Skills MEDFORD LEE SCHOLARSHIP Horn Franchising-State Match Center for Asian Democracy L. Hornung Judaic Studies Ortho Residnt Travel Clsd Stds-Dr Fletch U Of L Dance Academy Gifts-Dr. Wilkes Memori Pathology Loan Funds R. Schol Civics Research and Educ-Gift Civics Research and Educ-state Marjory H & George H Yater Hum Found Fnd for Clin Tr-gift Hum Found Fnd Clin Tria-state Polk Endowment -State Clark Wood Scholarship Fund Marc & Judy Norton Endowment George A. Schupback Music Scholarship Hartness Scholarship Fund Gheens Fdn Chair in Aging Res. Prog finance cash loans. Scholar Muhammad Ali Inst. Internat'l Dev Inits New Venture Continge Pres.