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DDS disability specialists, staff physicians, and psychologists determine eligibility of Washington applicants for three disability programs. Usa payday loan corporation. You may be asked to put your request in writing, and there may be a charge for copying. For help with Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant issues visit our. Our website is a valuable source of information regarding citizen awareness on the Internet. In criminal matters, the Attorney General has only limited statutory authority to investigate crimes and initiate prosecutions, and only at the request of a county prosecuting attorney or the governor. For more information, please click here.  Complaints or concerns involving veterinarians are handled by the Washington State Department of Health at:. We have, however, compiled information you may find useful here. There are also educational resources for parents available at the NCMEC online library. government agencies.  A good source of information about FOIA is the National Freedom of Information Center, Complaints involving a prosecuting attorney should be directed to the Washington State Bar Association at:. The state Department of Revenue's Business Licensing Service website,, provides extensive information on business and professional licensing requirements. You should contact the U.S. The law requires that its provisions be "liberally construed…to promote full access to public records" by members of the public."  However, the law also exempts certain records from disclosure. If you believe that your employer retaliated against you, you may have a basis to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. You should request the public record from the agency which has the document. If you do not know an attorney in your area, the Washington State Bar Association's website provides information on attorney referral services for persons of varying income levels. The office is not authorized to advise or represent private citizens on personal legal matters. Opinions are considered persuasive but not binding by the courts. Non profit organizations and charities are registered with the Secretary of State at: The Attorney General's Office does not have the authority to intervene on behalf of private citizens in child custody matters. It is an unfair practice for an employer to retaliate against a person for opposing illegal discrimination. Here is a link to the.  For information about Social Security Disability Determinations see the topic above. To replace a lost Social Security card, for example, you should contact the Social Security Administration by visiting one of their local offices or their website. This frequently asked questions section provides some general guidance to Washington State residents regarding foreign marriages and divorces and is not a substitute for legal advice. Washington’s Open Records Act governs the inspection and copying of public records held by state and local government agencies. Payday loans sos. In Washington, firearms enforcement issues are under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. Disability Determination Services are provided by DSHS on behalf of the Social Security Administration.. The office does not prepare opinions for private citizens, state agency employees, or employees of local agencies other than county prosecutors. The office will independently review your request and the agency’s denial, and provide you with a written opinion as to whether the record you requested is exempt from disclosure. In addition to contacting our office, we encourage those who believe that they have received pornographic e-mail to report it to. To review opinions issued by the AGO visit our website at: Personal cash advances. Concerns of this nature should be directed to the State Auditor's Office, which reviews operations of state and local agencies to ensure that public funds are spent and accounted for in accordance with the law. We have found that many of the constituent inquiries fall into the categories listed below. While it is our policy to provide information of a general nature whenever possible, we do not have the statutory authority to answer questions that require legal analysis. Insurance Questions or Complaints Detailed information about the program and how to file a complaint is available here. The State is not involved in administration of the social security program that is related to a person’s retirement. To learn how to better protect yourself and your family, check out our Internet Safety section. Complaints involving local law enforcement should be directed to the local police chief or county sheriff, and to the mayor, city council and/or county commissioners. The Criminal Justice Division of our office can review e-mails of this nature to determine if further action is warranted and if so, will forward it on to the proper agency. Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration. For copies of federal documents, you will need to contact the federal agency that issued the document. Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need. Our office also receives questions regarding divorces obtained abroad. It is our goal to protect consumers from deceptive Internet practices and other Internet crimes. Firearms/Concealed Carry Permit/Out of State Visitors The Attorney General's Office does not have jurisdiction over firearms licensing, enforcement or prosecution. The ads simply claim to have minors, but instead use young looking adults. Copies of birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates may be available through the county health office where the event occurred, or through the state Department of Health. It is important to keep in mind that although these e-mails are extremely offensive, they are often not illegal because in many cases there are no minors involved. Long-term care facilites include adult family homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, residential habilitation centers and supported living programs. If you are looking for legal advice relating to the status of your marriage or divorce abroad, please consult with a private attorney. We can best serve you by suggesting you contact a private attorney for legal advice.

In some cases, these inquires can more efficiently be handled by the agency that specializes in the area of the complaint.  In order to help serve you in a more timely manner, we have provided answers to the most asked questions in each of these categories. The Washington State Department of Licensing handles complaints against real estate agents at:. The Washington State Attorney General has no authority over federal immigration matters.

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. Thank you for contacting the Attorney General’s Office. If the document is part of a judicial proceeding, you will need to visit the Court Clerk’s office in the county or federal jurisdiction where the case was filed. For information on whether a grievance might be appropriate in your situation, visit.

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. Information about these services can be found at the following link: The Washington State Human Rights Commission is the agency that responds to human rights complaints. Topics include information on child abductions, child exploitation and how to help keep your kids safe on the Internet. In many cases they are able to provide assistance to citizens in resolving issues involving federal agencies. If you are a state employee, you may wish to report suspected improper governmental activity under the state Auditor’s Whistleblower Program. An official opinion expresses the Attorney General's position on a point of law. Here is a link to the program:      The state Commission on Judicial Conduct considers complaints against judges and court commissioners in Washington. Local Government, Law Enforcement, Public Official Misconduct The Attorney General's Office does not have oversight authority over local governmental entities such as the prosecutor or local law enforcement. Please take a few moments to review the categories, click on the appropriate link and see if the information you need is there. If you wish to file a formal complaint with the Commission, you must do so within six months of the incident. Payday loans sos. Washington State Patrol/Criminal History Background checks and other criminal history inquiries are handled by the Washington State Patrol. We can best serve you by suggesting you contact a private attorney for legal advice and assistance. This review by the Attorney General is not binding on the agency or upon you.  For additional information about state open records and open meetings issues, visit the our Open Government page. For further information, visit: The primary role of the Attorney General's Office is to provide legal representation to the State of Washington, its agencies, and state officials acting in their official capacities. For a lost passport, contact the United States Department of State Passport Services Division at. An Offender Complaint form can be filled out and filed with the facility's Grievance Coordinator, who would then take any appropriate action.

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. For additional information on filing a complaint, visit the commission’s website