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When I contacted customer service, the representative was courteous and professional. Please contact us at with your name and contact information, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. I found out when my credit monitoring notified me. No documents received pertaining civil action!! Asked for direct information, and received nothing until I mentioned speaking with my lawyer! Inquired about other alternatives to get matters resolved, very nasty demeanor. And I was instructed to call customer service. I do not have a late or unpaid ACH, they are committing fraud, violating a old veteran rights committing slander. She insisted that their home office could not approve advancing funds as they do not know the laws. After giving all my information, AND supposedly, before the money could be deposited into my account I has to pay. I text back to see if it was true and I was texted back confirming the loan, so I called. And now I see they are not even accredited so if you were hoping to get your credit score up with this loan you are wasting your time. I would not recommend using Ace Cash Express under any circumstance. I have never gotten a loan from this company. I was alerted by my credit monitoring that a hard inquiry by Ace Cash Express was reported. I could've just waited for my payday. Payday loans pensacola florida. found this review helpful Ashley of Bedford, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct. "GOD" Bless her for being honest. Call in to finally get a manager after three calls for this guy named Gary to say there is nothing he can do and try in store. I went back to a rude women. I do not have any ACH payments set up with anyone and never have. I contacted both the home office and the local office demanding they remove the draw on my account as it over drafted my account sending back a regular auto payment which has been set up to pay my monthly utilities every month. I have never even cashed a check at their establishment. All of two minutes on the phone and that's all he had to say. found this review helpful K. But they racial profiled him. He called sprint in front of them and they were very rude. Costing me almost sixty dollars in bank fees every month. I told the representative that was fine I just wanted to make a payment for whatever the amount was past due. Thank you! found this review helpful Sharon of Farmville, VA Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. I received several texts from Ace Cash Express asking me to call a Mr. Daniel should not be in management. Louis, MO Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. I have always paid on time and this is ridiculous. Thank you! found this review helpful E. The application process was seamless. No compensation no way to correct or clear my account or anything. I'm requesting that ACE remove both hard inquiries from my credit reports. No way would I give anyone access to my bank account. Two days later I got a email saying that my payment was past due. She kept it for me and returned it to me. That she obviously don't know what number to use. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. Thank you! found this review helpful Gina of Phoenix, AZ Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. They’ll tell them it’s for a lawsuit which isn’t true. No correspondence regarding any money owed has ever been received. Payday loans paid into account today. The news were alarming being, proper steps making certain parties receive proper literature. customer service is wretched!! Please hire more people and stop ripping people off! found this review helpful M. I received a text this morning stating that I got the loan and what my payments would be monthly. The corporate office told me to go to the local office to fix it as they would approve it. Well, the customer service rep was not helpful at all. I attempted last year to get a installment loan and I was denied even though my income qualified. FRAUD prejudices, inflicting harm and loss thefts. Thank you! found this review helpful Harold of St.

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. They have also, repeatedly withdrew my payment every time four days earlier than I agreed to pay it on. These are fraudulent attempts to solicit money, and they are NOT from ACE Cash Express. Which I did not have, so after I told the man no Western Union he wanted iTunes cards. ** is a ** way to scam people. I Am disabled, fixed income. It's a shame hard working people gonna put up with these type of idiots. She's also very helpful to me when I'm doing business. This practice was an illegal draw as I was not past due. I applied for the same payday loan again and was denied and claimed it was from a ACH payment that was five days late and still had not been paid. So he said, "Ok we can go another route. my debit card!! Really!! I'm reporting your illegal operation for even doing a credit check on a payday loan and trust you guys were just a last minute and paying back loan in a few days!! How dare you. When I asked the manager for her supervisor name and contact information, she refused. I will be homeless next week if my rent is not paid in full by Wednesday. You're better off going into the store for an emergency need for money right away.

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. After going through several phone calls of which no one could tell me anything I was given an email address to write to. "You are approved if you need a loan. My experience was positive both times. I'm a sick old veteran, who has been victimized by Ace Express Loan Predatory lenders. That they would have cashed it. They charged my account three days early again and broke the contract again. I contacted the ACE president who responded rather uncaringly that they are "authorized" to pull your credit score WITHOUT your express permission. They basically said “have a nice day… next please”. The Mexican chic asked him was he talking to someone that was pretending to be a sprint. First off, there is no Ace Cash Express in New York so just be careful of scammers. She removed the hold and apologized for the mistake. And get another one issue. Thank you! found this review helpful Lisa of Portland, OR Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. I was supposed to get some money send at Western Union. I misplaced my wallet today. I didn't exactly know where it was. All I wanted was for them to remove the inquiry from my report and to send me a Credit Inquiry Removal Letter. And they said the check is real. Best advice I can give anyone considering using their company for fast cash in an emergency is to go elsewhere to obtain help since they will draw your funds out of your account at any unapproved time and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I went back the next day, spoke with ** the center manager and was told she couldn't accept my payment because it was late, even though it wasn't my fault. Then he stated, "As a Company don't believe any upfront in form of, credit or debit card. every time I go in to do a simple deposit or money order I end up waiting for a half hour only to be greeted by rude employees. The account for iTunes was in China, after I reported it to the police and had my bank information changed. The clerk clearly didn't know what he was doing. At this point I almost don't need it anymore. Please call us back as soon as possible to process this application." First off, his email address was **. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. He said he will call me in the morning since it's already too late in New York to do anything. It is my financial advisor's mission over the next two weeks to find a law firm to take my case, sue for damages, I will lose my car, job, and place to live. So now I’m going to have to change all my banking information because I’m afraid of what they will do with my info. Military people keep your kids away! Don't go to the one on rancher. Now my son has to call Sprint. of Milwaukie, OR Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Feb.

As so many of these payday chop shops have been closed due to their greediness!! I am pissed as you had the audacity to check my credit in order to decide on the amount I should receive!! This is not the last time Ace Cash Express is going to hear from me.

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. Ace Cash is fraud fraud fraud. But that they can take it and to read my contract. They said loan was deposited in Bank of America. In reality, these are fraudulent attempts to solicit money from you, and they are NOT from ACE Cash Express. Otherwise they won't get my business again. I tried making a payment for my husband over the phone but since I wasn’t on the disclosure list they couldn’t discuss any information regarding the loan with me. I made first payment on exact due date. Thank you! found this review helpful Cindy M. I even received after I left a email confirming the payment. Just charge my card!” She refuses and I asked to speak to her manager. I guess if you send back phone cards you didn't need from Christmas you're targeted. I never had anything to do with this company ever.What the hell kind of company gives loans on the internet without picture ID just SSI and checking account and a phone they can reach you. Reported it as a fraudulent charge. Oh and they run your credit without permission! It was awful! Never do business there! found this review helpful Martha of Weston, WI Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov.

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. Now my entire inheritance will be lost, I'll be living on the streets. It’s ridiculous that I had to go through all of that just to make a payment. He kept repeating they "do" credit inquiries and didn't seem to see the big deal about hard inquiries. I receive a call from Ace Cash. In order to accurately review and address your issue, we will need some additional information from you. As if it wasnt for the many many customers you have. I did not returned the call. Luckily her manager was very nice and was able to assist me with the payment. I am a disabled senior and disabled veteran. I will be writing the Texas Attorney General and possibly suing for financial damages. However when I arrived there was a note on the door stating the store was closed early due to the system being down. After I verified my banking information and social security number, Mr. We took the same check over to Bank of America. Your loan account number is **. They said because my phone number didn’t match me or my bank account. The credit bureau will then increase my score at a higher rating. If you get a text or email from them saying you’ve been approved, delete it! They are frauds! found this review helpful Dana of Austin, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Oct. you would be out of business now!! So stop doing hard credit checks and realize that you are not a federal reserve bank. If you receive the email above, please don't play yourself. She ASSURED me that I would not be penalized for their mistake and my account would not show as if I had paid late. Thank you! found this review helpful Keeba of Fort Hood, TX Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. found this review helpful Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.We value your privacy. Then last month I received a denial email for a loan that I had not applied for at all. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. It is unjustified decision, that will cost me my job, and my rent payment will be short the amount that I was borrowing. He said his name was Steven ** but he sounded like he was from India, no offense but he didn't sound American whatsoever. I reapplied for the loan and got a adverse reaction saying I had POOR LOAN PERFORMANCE. She kept repeating that she can’t discuss that information with me and I told her “I don’t want to discuss the information, I just want to make a payment for whatever the amount is past due! You don’t even have to tell me the amount. They informed me I would need to file a police report if I didn’t “apply for these loans.” First of all I was never told there were actually loan applications in my name, and certainly nothing specific like when, or where or what information was given. She talks down to customers in the store. Louis, Mo has no customer service skills to do her job. found this review helpful Brian of Denver, CO Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. They have also without permission pulled money out of my bank account and I have no business with them! STAY AWAY! They need to remove these hard inquiries from my credit files