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We scheduled the Guards, and paid them monthly. There were good times and bad times, thank God some of us made it home. Would be interested in hearing from anyone who was over there especially during that period and would welcome all e-mail and photos. Hard money loan problems. The Air Force put the wrong APO on my order and I was in Nam for a few days before going to Thailand, then was sent to the wrong base in Thailand ! Was told that I was AWOL when I reported in, all the boarding passes I had kept me out of trouble. I rotated back to the states in Nov. I'll try to get it scanned and posted. I have all kinds of pictures from then. The pilot stated he watched the missile go right through and was happy to have the opportunity to clean his britches. we returned to mcconnel in sept. I remember liking the lime juice in the mess hall, Running Deer whiskey, Dan rummell, A GI sitting on a bunk playing "your cheatin heart", The Bob Hope USO show with Joey Hetherton Vic Damone, Hugh O'brien, Phyliss Diller, Anita Bryant and ms.  world. I still shoot weddings and bore the hell out of my three sons and two daughters-in-law with my slides from around the world. I use to try to catch some short naps at night on a napalm loading tray which had a rubber liner on it. I'll download the photos and stories and take them with me to the River Rats Reunion next weekend at Las Veags. I remember loving to hate Takhli but the times ther are among the most vivid memories of my life. My flight was overbooked at Travis, and I hung around the terminal and caught the USO flight. Great parties behind the CBPO. We created quite a stir among the Soviets, the Chicoms, and the N. How can i get a money loan without a bank account. By the way, the aircraft that appears on your cover was assigned to the revetment right next to mine. He went briefly airborne again and came down with a tremendous explosion across the road. A group of us sitting on the porch with our guitars singing CCR songs and drinking Gypsy Rose. I know this sounds corny, but maybe, for many of us, "that was our finest hour"! Let's all go down to "Susie's" and hoist a few cool ones in memory of those days. I was NCOIC of aircraft and engines records. "Is anybody going to San Antone, or Phoenix Elizona." So many memories, so many long-forgotten friends. We had an above ground bladder fuel farm waiting for us, put in I believe, by a Red Horse unit, We had to reequip the buildings with utilties and build desks, chairs etc to operate with. My tenure at Takhli was of work, work, and more work. Jess Case, my roommate who could carry two cases of Old Milwaukee at once and who once tried to shoot me because I put a stuffed cobra next to his bed and said in a hushed voice "Don't move Jess!" The beer machine outside of my door that kept me awake.   My friends and I used to like to get away from the base and the village on our days off. The hole was as large as a big man's waste. "Those were the days", I was a tech-rep working for Sanders Associates stationed in Takhli from Jan.through Dec. This is an anti-spam measure to protect the email address from harvest by spam robots that seek out valid email addresses from webpages such as this. That segment of the film can be seen on the program"Wings". Was there when Kennedy died.

I do not remember the squadron I was assigned to. Two weeks after I left Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City. It's a year, I'll never forget. I had a good buddy named Stanley Blackstock that also work in the EWS shop. Couldn't use some of the expressions, but got by. of rations and food supply to the dining halls. We worked out of the Thai Wx Station in Base Operations. The aircraft originally arrived in country unpainted. Was on duty the day we lost Capt Jim White. This bothers me to this day. I know of another Takhli person here in Columbus, but I must check with him to see if he wants to participate. Had great times there and good memories now. My boss at Takhli was a Capt Clifford Williams. I have a lot of fond memories of those days and would like to communicate with people that were there during the same time frame. I never took any "tips" for this service, but always had cold beer in my bungalo. Let me know if I can be of any further help to you. and I'll see you in the next war !. It was the building where Wing Commander Giraudo had his office and where the flight crews got their mission briefings.

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. They have been removed and were brought down to the Thai Air Force Museum near Don Muang. Morrone Developer - Integrity Data Systems, Inc. I am proud of having served with the fine young officers and enlisted men. The only reason I was third because there was two guys closer to the seargent that was taking names. Went to school, then Kaman Corporation, school, ITT Corporation. The aircraft lost one engine after take-off, the pilot ordered the two guy's with him on the flight deck to eject. It was supposedly the second best assignment in SEAsia after Korat.  I enjoyed my tour and am still thinking about going back for a visit.  Enjoyed one of my greatest experiences when I visited Chiang Mai for a week. We landed there and after several hours delay they sent us on the same plane to Bangkok Thailand. CO as I said before was Lou Braun and I would really like to communicate with him if you have any address at all. I have never been able to locate any of the guys I served with other than Col. I've posted some other memories on the message board so I won't duplicate - but many memories of many good people. I worked in the Outside Plant, Cable dept. I remember the very first day that I reported in at the flight shack, talking to the line chief I noted that his attention was diverted to something behind me. The town is still as small as we all remember. I ran and hid in the back of a bar and stayed until the crowd left. I sat by two old timers and as we were crossing the international date line I was trying to look out the window from the aisle seat. thank you so much for your outstanding efforts. At the port with my bullhorn "Welcome to sunny Thailand. Very nice what you have going there. The monsoon rains, and rice bugs were attention getters also. Next fall Menko and I will gather with a group of old acquantences from our active duty days in Tuscon. I was stationed at Takhli RTAFB, from nov. I can recall Mike and I running from reventment to reventment, launching, repairing, fueling, inspecting, loading, recovering, and launching again. The snake went between his legs and into the orderly room! I witnessed this as approaching the building in the commo truck. Your rody-grody dog men were proud to be out there, dodging snakes all night and keeping you safe enough to fight for Democracy again each morning. Would like to here from some of the people I new there too. Retired now and spend most of my time hot-air ballooning. I worked for a SSgt Manuel Joaqiun for first part of my tour and a SSgt David Schollian for the remainder of my tour. The barracks we built were of a modular design and some was prefabed by local people before delivery to the site. Our maintenance and flight crews set many records for on time refuelings while there and I was very proud to be a part of the unit. I was just curious to see if I was the only one with the [permanent] purple dye. Most severe problem was overflow of toilets on early morning missions. I have been self employed ever since. Memories: The Pearl of Hong Kong - a private bar in one of the hootches. The MAXBEAK ,also had an eagle setting on a bomb with PATIENCE MY ASS written above him. Broke every glass in the building. Anyway, though I'd run that by you. McMullen corroborated the story -- he had just finished four years at Harmon Newfoundland and had volunteered to go back to SEA. I guess we all do what we have to. I extended my tour the week I got back. They simply stated, "U.S Air Force Photograph". I used to be able to speck a little Thai, have forgotten most of it. the first barracks that i lived  in was right over the nco & airmens club. I have seen some of the pictures and they are great.  I look forward to finding more. If you want to get in touch you can send your EMAIL to Rick Woelf at Rickwoelf Squardron and my duties was repairing and operation of the emergency diesel electrical power units for the whole base. This caused a lot of pants to require changing. Dust and debris flew everywhere. Those were some of the most memorable years of my life. They were mostly comprised of the Thai Reserves. I worked the base theater most of the time but was tagged a few times by my CO to fly with some special service sorts as a medic. Came back to Holloman,was there two weeks and went back over to Takhli, came back to Holloman in June. Squadron was at Homestead AFB because home base runway was being replaced. I now do adventure stuff for Signet Books, a div. Our primary job was to provide electronic coverage for the Thuds, but later did quite a bit of reconnaissance after we found and reported the location of the first two SAM sites. While in the AF, earned my degree in education, and as soon as I retired, took the time for a master's in education and became a school teacher. Years later, like now, I work for a Swedish Company. I periodically look at my old photos of Takhli and the area and think about old friends and the good times we had. We used to play vollyball every Tuesday, Maj. as many piled up waiting to land when a crash occured. it used to get very hectic. museum E- mail me back and I will respond. Charlie had heard the flight was coming in, and we took small arms fire in Vietnam when we landed. Take Care All, Sawadee Dick, My name is Rayburn H. I really enjoyed it and if there is any additional info you need from me let me know. Cash advance boiling springs sc. I was Chief, Personal Affairs for two years then on to Offutt AFB, Nebraska. Went to Lackland for basic. I don't think that they had been in Thailand very long before I arrived. Big hero, especially when pouring my second cup of tea and hit her with "nit-nuy". They are now out of print, but I received a lot of thanks from the guys, plus it got met started as a novelist. Oh Takhli, the days of sleeping on air mattresses, shower water being turned on at certain times of the day, eating in a "field kitchen", c-rats, and drinking hot brakish water from the big bag hanging in the middle of the hootches. They were camouflaged later. Will always miss each of you that I might have came in contact with. I was Chief, Personal Affairs including Awards & Decorations and Casualty Reporting /Casualty Services. I wish my memory was clear as I cannot remember hardly anyone's names back then. Needless to say we all had a great time playing music, and getting drunk. A bunch of us went to NKP to finish our tours - not quite as friendly a home as Takhli, but not as many FU lizards, either. There was a Major Vincent over our shop. Paul Tibbets, who dropped the first nuclear bomb;Lester Maddox, Geargia's George Wallace; and I had the first Ohio Air National story to be published in The Congressional Record of the United States. I have a short aircheck of one of my radio shows up and in RealAudio right now at Jerry E. This is a great opportunity for all of us to re-connect. That's a lot of going away parties. Made a lot of friends, both military and civilian, and truly enjoyed my stay at Takhli. I will never forget this amazing experience, it was a seminal moment in my life and made me yearn for more foreign adventures. Mark koetting payday loans. Lots of TDY's to Viet Nam. It was so big around, it would have wrecked my jeep if I had hit it