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Several former members reported financial and sexual predation carried out by NXIVM leaders. Please discuss further on the talk page. NXIVM's training is a trade secret, subject to non-disclosure agreements, but reportedly uses a technique the organisation calls "rational inquiry" to facilitate personal and professional development. He was arrested in Mexico and held in custody in New York after appearing in Federal Court in Fort Worth, Texas.

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. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Moose jaw payday loans. freely taking a vow of loyalty and friendship with one another to feel safe while pushing back against the fears that have stifled their personal and professional growth. The manual was obtained by Ross from former member Stephanie Franco, a co-defendant in the trial, who had signed a non-disclosure agreement not to divulge information from the manual to others. Mack development group payday loan phone number. What upset them above all were Edgar Bronfman’s remarks. The would later report that "hundreds" of members "fled" NXIVM after Edmondson went public about her experience.

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. In fact, the sorority has truly benefited the lives of its members, and does so freely. Mack development group payday loan phone number.

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For several years, NXIVM was accused of being a cult controlled by Raniere. Money mart loans winnipeg. I find no fault in a group of women. Other participants were later reported to include Richard Branson, Linda Evans, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, and Sarah Edmondson. NXIVM filed suits in both New York and New Jersey, but both were later dismissed. Expecting a positive story, the top ranks had spoken to Forbes, including Raniere, Salzman, and Sara Bronfman. Ross posted a psychiatrist's assessment of NXIVM's "secret" manual on his website – the report called the regimen "expensive brainwashing". In late May, authorities moved to seize two NXIVM-owned properties near Albany. According to prosecutors, after she recruited women into first NXIVM and then DOS, Mack coerced them into engaging in sexual activity with Raniere and performing menial tasks for which she was allegedly paid by Raniere. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. NXIVM was founded by Keith Raniere. Mack was alleged to be second in command of NXIVM after Raniere