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If I can enlist the support of the street urchins perhaps he will be found. In cases like these, repaying a cash advance could take a long time and cost a lot of money. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Back home good and drunk now and in desperate need of some sleep. I’m taking it slow, but so far, so good. That would be me alone on the trail. I thought that was a little odd, but then again, she was meeting me for the first time in person. I had a huge roll of cash in pocket and was feeling uncomfortable with all the attention. A potential dog siting on the beach in Barretto. Read your credit card agreement to understand the terms and fees. She didn’t want to take it, saying I had paid her entry into the event. Truth is, it is much easier to leave the past in the past here where there is nothing left to remind me of what I had and lost. Meanwhile, the other balance, e.g. With the money burning a hole in her pocket she proceeded to buy all her coworkers drinks. Just not going to change any minds, especially those of the willfully ignorant. But here are some of mine and some from a fellow Hasher: Waiting to load up the Hash truck and head out… Final instructions at the trail head… And it’s on-on and away we go… A bit of a log jam at one point. Same view as the MBR, but it will be even better from upstairs I’m sure. Over the course of dinner and beers there I tried to ascertain if she was interested in taking our “relationship” to the next level. It was a fun night regardless… After darts I stopped into Rosie’s, a girly bar next door to Alley Cats. I was impressed! Before they arrived all the shit I’d ordered from the appliance store had arrived. In fact, I had to call her over Saturday night to have a drink with me. Back home after darts for a brief interlude of cataloging some of my recent purchases. The room upstairs with the balcony is my master bedroom. About half-way through he picked up speed and left me behind, so I was Hashing alone for the last hour or so. More odds and ends to buy yet but for the most part this is how it is going to be. Started the day with a nice surprise chat with my high school sweetheart. Hopefully that work starts tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll just have to figure out how to cook without one. It’s sort of my place to go when I’m out on Baloy Beach. But the f’n crockpot doesn’t work. Looking forward to escorting her to the SOB dance contest. Which is a good thing because I’m an impatient SOB. Then I ordered some bottle water and a tank of propane. Good deal! My darts have been shit lately, so I didn’t last long in the tourney. It’s a suckers bet that I never do, except last night I was drunk and overwhelmed so I relented. *Marisa came home with me after lunch when I went to pick up my darts. Smart Ways to Handle a Cash Advance While credit card cash advances are generally a bad idea, there may be a time that you need access to cash and have no better options. She also is having a fitbit sent to me. The front gate guards say they saw him running out of the subdivision and turning into an adjacent squatters village. And that brings you just about up to date on my life and times in the Philippines. But the calls for sharing the wealth didn’t stop there. Not only that, cash advances have higher interest rates than regular purchases. Up and out to the new house waiting for the long overdue visit from Zeny, the assistant to the landlord. Speaking of kids separated from their parents, I’m so sick of the insanity taking place in the USA. Avoid purchases until the cash advance is repaid, for the same reason discussed above. I warned her that was doomed to failure, but she had the guts to try anyway. She nodded and then dropped the bombshell.. Yesterday was a fine day and it appears that today is shaping up to be the same. I responded that I had already made arrangements and purchases for this house. If you must take a cash advance on your credit card, follow these tips to  lower the cost and risk of getting into debt. Those four things can make cash advances extremely expensive, but still less expensive than some alternatives, like payday loans. My walking was enhanced through that special motivation known as the Hash. I wasn’t sure how much help they were going to be, but I’ll be damned, they moved all the excess furniture out on their strong young backs. And if not, well it’s not like I don’t have other relationships.

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. I want a simple life with one man who loves me”. Either way, I’m just going to go with the flow. Check out one of my favorite waitresses there, Angel: That is without a doubt the longest hair I ever did see. And that pretty much brings you up to date on my life in paradise. Teri stays in one of the extra upstairs bedrooms. Long time cash advance.

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. With some outstanding assistance from my lovely partner Espie. Incomplete applications create processing delays. Montana payday loans online. I asked if she liked to travel and she said yes, then told me the story of an ex who was a pilot for FEDEX. I drank extra to dull the pain. Then we were On-Home at Hot Zone… And once again I was not charged with any offense that resulted in sitting my bare ass on a block of ice. As days go, the was a good one. And the work on repairing the house continues apace. Also quite a bit more expensive as well. We shall see if Pablo’s mom is as good as her words. Alas, she has a boyfriend in Sweden. Something about a “regulator”. I rarely even do politics these days. Only blood I spilled though was getting my finger in a sticker bush, but that’s no biggie. I’ve not actually seen inside it yet because the door is locked and the key is Manila. I was surprised to learn that she doesn’t have a salary, she just makes drink commissions. Still very skittish but not quite in a state of perpetual terror. But I think it goes beyond that with this one. Ordered me up some replacement glass today… More to tell re: the house but I’m too tired to think about it tonight. Oh, and the scenery was nice as well… Made it off the mountain just before the skies opened up…. She had none and lacking the courage to invite her to spend the day making mad passionate love, I asked if she wanted to join me at the Alley Cats dart tournament and she agreed. Let’s see what happens next. Still lots of work to be done, but it’s a start… Took the malfunctioning crockpot to a repair shop today but it was a no go. But I still have my pride and I don’t beg and grovel. Ocampo about what was going to happen to Tony and the wife once I took over the house. Well, I’ll walk the beach later and see what there is to see. Ah well, I’m in too deep to turn back now. And that’s about it from here for now. She’s such a snuggle bunny. Perhaps one day we will Cum Together. She also said her daughter is a member of the Philippines House of Representatives. Yesterday afternoon I caught some movement in the backyard out of the corner of my eye. When the SOB was over we moved to another bar for an event known as the “Aftermath”. Anyway, it was good to hear from Karen again. Damn it! I went through all the trouble and expense of shipping it here because I’ve not seen any slow cookers for sale in the Philippines appliance stores. She was very happy with that decision and told me the best part of this deal is she now considers me “family” and I could let her know if there is anything I ever need. Work is getting done around the house at least. Finding good meat here may prove challenging, at least in the cuts I’m used to using.

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. It would be nice to have a Hash buddy next time so I won’t have to repeat the experience of being alone on the trail. That’s a big chunk of change for her and really nothing to me. Avoid taking out a cash advance to pay for ordinary everyday items like groceries and gas. Long time cash advance. And as is my custom, I gave my share of the pot to my “date”. I’m just too fucking desperate to have someone to share my life here. The ribs, chicken, and sides were pretty damn fine too. Take out only what you need, nothing more. Then I had a traditional Independence Day BBQ lunch on the old Navy base at Texas Joe’s. I was impressed by her punctuality. Took some photos of the place that I will hopefully be moving into sometime next week. Hope to have some blog worthy news on that event tomorrow. Already told Tony I’d get them a small refrigerator for their quarters. Speaking of darts, I managed a first place finish which is always nice. Going to put the crockpot to work in the morning. One of three new sliding doors that actually, you know, slides. Hopefully that all gets squared away in our meeting tomorrow. And I avoided having to sit on the block of ice during the Hash circle ceremonies/rituals. She said they’s be evicted. I went out this afternoon and bought a desk and chair. It’s hard to ignore and it is shocking just how far the “mainstream” press has gone over the deep end. Makes me a little nervous having my purchases just sitting there with not even the minimum ability to lock it up. So, that turned out to work in her favor because I won’t be tempted to fuck her or otherwise engage in any type of relationship.

I’ll definitely make a visit to the Fil-Am Home for Orphans next week to see what they need. She seemed somewhat offended when I mentioned it, saying “of course not, I’m a professional!”. I was wading ankle deep along the road and of course was soaked to the skin. My new Samsung refrigerator is chillin’ in my kitchen. It’s practically a trip hazard. Yeah, not so original but it works for me. Then it was off to the S&R store in San Fernando to get the basic outfitting for the house squared away. For crops and honey, these rates are per metric tonne or per pound. And these carry you up to the other two bedrooms and a bathroom…. He’ll grow more comfortable in time I’m sure.

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. I honestly don’t know a lot about Teri. Sun, don’t be such a stranger! So yeah, I was out to the house this morning, bright and early. Fortunately, the trail was well-marked so I didn’t get lost. Nice enough dog but I’m going to start with just the one for now. This is where I need to be. An occasional cloud burst ain’t so hard to handle. So instead of waiting for the non-functioning water heater in my bathroom to be repaired as promised, I went out and bought a new one. This makes it harder to pay back the cash advance balance. Enjoyed the first of what I hope will be many, many morning views like this one… I realized last night that in my haste to vacate my former premises I’d left a couple of items with pretty significant sentimental value behind. But since the caretaker downstairs is named Tony I don’t want him coming every time I call the dog. Like me, she has had a run of bad luck in her relationships. I’m not going to rush him. This is the first time I’ve done a dog “rescue”. Hopefully we can get things moving so I can get moving. But, try to take out just one cash advance large enough to cover your expense to avoid another cash advance and ATM fee. The landlord’s promise to fix the downstairs aircons hasn’t proven to keep me cool. Despite being a walker I opted for the long trail which is intended for those who run