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She states she had to take me off schedule all she knew was my baby was sick. I reserved a car online at Enterprise car rental through the insurance process and was taken advantage of by the branch Manager, Eric. The license plate was stolen and so my car was towed. We have written documents to say the deposit is refundable and several texts of her saying she would give it back, but it’s been a hassle no car and no deposit.Mr. since we cannot afford a cash sale we want our deposit back. Charmaine James On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceVGood morning Howard, I hope this piece of information will help someone, there’s a scam going on in Gieco office in south Florida. I have received another clients personal SS number and bank information via email due to their negligence and unprofessionalism I have been taken advantage of feel helpless against what I now believe to be a fraudulent company. I called when I noticed the amount and he explained that he put me in the wrong vehicle and he needed me to bring it back. I do not have that much money sitting in the bank and I do need my license to work. I need my daughter transcript so I can register her to another school and I was told by the secretary named Maria Nieves that she is unable to release any document to me until the fee is paid.Ms. Countless personal possessions furniture and other objects have been ruined interior wall and roof has horrible damage possibly mold. They have the worst reviews on line, but i guess nobody ever steps up to make a change. Timika Hogans On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceHello Howard My name is Ms.

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. I stop paying the rent to save money and leave, but with no prior notice they sent me an eviction letter that we had three days to leave, and because of that they made us sing a paper that we needed to pay them all the money we didn't pay. Gets a call from one of my employee's stating that I've been taking off the schedule and I'm fired. Now they want me to pay a cancellation fee. This home is an investment which was supposed to be passed down to the Next Generation, but if no one gives us any help there be nothing left to pass down.Ms. Tap on “create a new account”. Payday loan direct lender weekend. Tap on “Add Account” and then “Google option”. . Office has threatened to send bill to collections if one of these options are not chosen. The Facebook offers the feature of “Group” where members can easily post the contents like: links, media, questions, events, comments etc It also facilitates with “upload photos” feature where user can easily upload their profile picture and add them to album. Gmail is the prominent advertising supported solutions which were introduced by Google. Luis Padovani On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceHi my mother just got knee surgery, she was put into a rehabilitation facilty here in Boca Raton which is horrible. I called the police nothing was done!! They told the police I had abandoned my apartment which wasn't fact, I knew I did live in on my job. The next day the key wouldn't work. Yolanda Benton On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceI need help getting a car dealer to pay for a car that I traded in to him, which he has not yet paid the bank for, nor has he removed my name from the vehicle. Daisy On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceMr. Honey Daniels On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceDisabled ssi recipient in trouble the florida court you wrote you wont help mentally ill, but i thiught i try. Please help me in a strategy to reduce or eliminate this loan balance.Ms. A few minutes later he called me back telling when I was going to settle then I told him the agreement I had with his brother, he said he ess the CEO and he didn't agree with that. We never had a lease, we had month to month, and now they want me to sign a lease which is fine for me, but they want me to sign another paper that says. They promised many things to lure me into the Master degree program. Also we have reported to the insurance company the car was never brought back and considered do to lenghth of time stolen. I need to know what can I do to eliminate this burden. Now he is failing to pick up rent and sent a notice to ether leave unit or pay him rent in three days. Customer service united cash loans. Now no one can wash, but refuses to rein burst me fairly. This is wrong, inconvenient, affecting my health, living in dust and I call the contractor and property manager and they totally ignore me or make excuses.

I cannot afford no garnishment moment. I had an attorney work on it and he could not get Penndot to budge. Rosemary Ruiz On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceI had bought a car wit my dad to co sign the car. I brought the vehicle back only for him to put me in another vehicle at the same rate. At last you have to choose “username” and “password”. after going through all the minutes and other notices, these assessments for painting and repairs was only mentioned in the monthly meeting and as along as everyone agrees to it then they send the assessment letter to the owner. The staff are always sitting on chairs in the hallway just eating and talking, no interaction or sweet talk with these poor elderly people that cant speak up or even have love ones. Nelio Delva On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceHi. They have not fix back the ceiling and I have been living with this for the past six days. I then went to the child support department and spoke with them face to face and also presented a letter that was sent to me by the department of treasury; they still insisted that they will suspend my work license if they do not get the money.Ms. Please I need some advise.Ms. When my husband went to post a review on Facebook that is the first review that appeared. Mr Shor will only credit the re-screening. They wont give the trailer.Mr. I spoke to them to return Thurs I was scheduled off she say she'll call if I'm needed. So again we called locksmith and from there on it's always a run around. I have no clothed nothing. This has happened there before and I do not believe it is a coincidence. When you call Digital Life they identify themselves as ATT. I ID not live in the property an didn't pay the association fee; however, the association has continuously rented the unit and collected the rent. They call me and said that I was not able to put the car under my name and have to switch it to my dad name. Penndot said until they have confirmation they will not return my license. After explaining to her that I reside in a single family home and I have no control over who collects the trash. I contacted the department of treasury which stated that the money will be released directly to the child support department and that they should give me credit for the amount. First and Foremost, my son Oliver was expelled from the School the first week school has started and I was told that they will use his registration fee for my daughter. For the property and she doesn't know what to do. I went to the dmv to surender the tag because I could not be held responsible for a car i did not have in my possession and did not know where it was. There policy is any time taken or requested off is a write up I never had one since I've been working there.Ms. By the time I received notification in the mail it had been three weeks already in impound. Hour sick time accumulated and the not pay me for that either. I have since then been getting the run around from the restaurant and I feel that it might have been done within the restaurant. Afterwards you are required to open “Gmail app”. I have screen shots of the live steams, but Digital Life argue it is the cameras that are defected and I broke my contract. None of the frames were damaged nor broken. To my surprise when I came to pick them up I found two new window screens and the door frames have been altered with metal brackets at each of the corners with screws all over the frame. Diolbel Benitez On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServicePlease helpI send my horse trailer to get repair at Bullseye powder coated. I was in the hospital for a week. Maurice Mcabian On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceDear Help me Howard Team, I WON, in "AUCTION. This year I stop paying the student loan and I'm on a forbearance until I supply my proof of income. The company sold the policy to Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company of Lynchburg, Virginia. Gmail Customer Care Number Gmail Customer Care Number from this page and get instant solution of your queries. They throw always a lot of valuable things for me and my sister. Now, not only am I stuck with two car noted on my credit, but very costly repair because of damage done before I purchased the car. Stacy-ann mcflarne On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceI lived at cypress grove in fortuneteller for several months. Electricity for washer and dryer witch is used by four units is connected to my unit. Another problem is that ATT says they are no longer with Digital Life, but the bill is on an ATT letter head. Diane Baker On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceDear Mr. He then ask me my address and told me the citation will be voided. Donald Spetkar On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceWe are senior citizens and came to florida to retire.

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. I been having trouble with the car since I gotten it. I was victim of a hit and run and the person who hurt me was never found. I've been living here for one year and four months. We asked for our refund the owner was very rude to us and said we do not deserve a refund. Ivelisse Santiago On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceMy name is Ivelisse Santiago. I will not recover what was stolen, but it is so wrong that this is happening and I want to prevent it from happening to someone else. I had contacted a lawyer that was trying to resolve the matter amicably; however, he could not represent me for conflict of interest since his firm represent association instead of homeowners. Ernesto Perez On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceHi. My door does not close now because of all these added screws to a perfectly good frame. Dayana Olive On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceHello I am a tenant in a foreclosed condo and I have a problem with my condo association, they never told me the condo was in foreclosure and I found out because they served some documents to the apt. On trade in, I purchased another car, that I found out today {like the first car} had been in a bad accident. We have filed a police report with Boca Police Officer Wink and claims its a civil matter. Luiz Cruz On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceI've been having problems with my landlord. They do not seem to be regulated by anyone and I am being told I need to take it to civil court.

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. Latraya Mckire On Phone To Help Me Howard Florida ServiceI Latraya Mckire have been homeless for two years now I am an single mom I have three little girls. I was fired from my job while in the hospital with son in icu. I have nothing that I moved in with. He claimed the car was stolen from the lot. Howard, I desperately need your help, you are the only one who can help me. Calls job getting no answer. I am very upset at the fact that no one called me to tell me of these changes to my order. - every three months to keep this policy and if she ends it, she gets nothing back from her years of payments