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Bad Credit Personal Loans Don't let your credit rating hold you back. This includes late bill payments, late loan repayments, multiple credit applications or exceeding credit card limits. Cash loans for unemployed review. Note: Centrelink must not be your primary source of income. Cash loans for ex bankrupts. Having negative listings on your credit file can seriously hinder your ability to access loans, but if you're on the "credit fringe" there are still a variety of loan options you can consider. Cash loans for unemployed review. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best chance.Don't make too many credit applications at once.This is a red flag to lenders and can hinder your chances at future credit approvals. If you have done this, try and wait to make any future applications.Check your credit score to see where you stand. Fees and charges included in repayment.

By checking your credit score you can get an idea of your credit position and where you fall in the credit-active population.Use a personal loan calculator. This will ensure you don't apply for a loan you can't afford.

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. Find a bad credit personal loan that's right for you.Bad credit is tough to shake. Excessive credit applications in a short space of time can also put you in the bad credit category, if only for a short space of time