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Operador responsible: Seven Colors Travel & Wine EVyT. See Becci perform ‘Kraken: A Story Backwards’, drawn from the book, at the Reading Fringe. is an independent poetry magazine, published twice yearly, which is run by a small team who give their time for the pleasure that gives them. Louisa then goes on to say the loveliest things…. Join us on walks and talks. This will be followed by a public debate chaired by BBC North East’s political editor. Elite cash loans brixton. The main building for the Humanities subjects at the university  is now named after her. Participate in events and workshops. The reading will take place in the chapel itself which houses Stanley Spencer’s extraordinary cycle of paintings based on his experiences as a First World War medical orderly. Sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of our events.

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. Two Rivers press is delighted to have been involved with this activity and with the inaugural Reading on Thames festival. “Octopus Medicine is not a traditional poetry collection; it is three verse-stories about the octopus, interpolated by illustrations, facts, figures and instructions to the reader. Cash advance rivers avenue. There were lively speeches to a sizeable audience, and afterwards plentiful wine and a general sense of something very worthwhile having been accomplished. Here, dream and myth, creatures real and imagined, and the sights and sounds of ‘distance and of home’ all coalesce in a sustained meditation on time and belonging. …These verse-stories may be read alone but they also need to be read aloud, animated, orchestrated, painted, performed, and recorded. The memoir found its way to the university archive with the rest of Morley’s papers. All of the works will be for sale, and you can buy direct from the artists. Explore other poetry offerings from Two Rivers Press here. and then on to Heemskerk, where we were most warmly greeted by everyone.

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. This is a partnership of Jelly, Two Rivers Press and Reading Museum. And it is doing it remarkably well…. My poem, along with all the other exceptional pieces, can be found here. When we strolled along it, the spring blossom was still bright. Although she had clearly gone over the manuscript once or twice, annotating and clarifying here and there, she doesn’t seem to have made any other attempts to publish it. Sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of our events. Interest in the Belgian-born poet, Henri Michaux, seems to be at a high this spring.  There are several new translations of Michaux’s works available. In his vividly strange narratives Michaux creates a dream-like, mercurial world of wry invention unlike any other, idiosyncratic, resistant and philosophical. He joins the painter Robert Fitzmaurice to consider the themes of Fitzmaurice’s exhibition SOLDIER, currently on display at the venue. If you are in the area drop in to Durham Cathedral. Michaux is too important a poet to be kept waiting outside. It is doing something new. A Part Of The Main’ will be published later this year. Hard money loans illinois. And of course, a rousing applause to all the artists who made flowers and to Marc Allridge from Cherubs for the amazing staging. Many thanks to Haslams for hosting the launch, to Malmaison for wonderful food and Cllr Sarah Hacker. Explore poetry in translation. And there’s a stillness in them, too – stilled lives, as it were… The image of ‘Nicolaas Henneman Asleep’ embodies all these qualities. Fiona Sampson will be reading from ‘The Catch’, a collection that transforms the sensory world into an astonishingly new and vivid poetry. Join in and add to this contemporary reworking.  FREE but pre-booking essential  here. The panel will grow over the year, culminating in December. For a full list of events and to register for them follow the links on the Oxford Translation Day here. Be sure to book ahead where necessary. The words within are inspired directly by Jack’s personal experiences and by collections that he encountered during the course of his time as poet-in-residence here at The MERL. Presented by Reading Business Improvement District in partnership with Open for Art. Readings from ‘Handling’ by Jack Thacker Readings from Kate Behrens, Claire Dyer, Adrian Blamires and Ian House Refreshments will be served and the objects that inspired the poets will be on display with opportunities to talk to the Curator about them. She also has wonderful hair with happy curls. Further income is derived from the sale of individual copies of the magazine, especially at its half yearly readings. Two Rivers Press author, Duncan Mackay, says “Tonight I am at Durham Cathedral with Professor Christian Liddy of Durham University to present a paper called New Commons for new times: whispers of better things. Buy your copy of Octopus Medicine here. The poets Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders started an email exchange that eventually became the poetic dialogue ‘A Part of the Main’. This exciting volume has been produced in partnership MERL, the Museum of English Rural Life. They tell Ian how note-taking, particularly over email, informed the collaborative writing process and helped them to the finished product, a poem where often they aren’t sure who wrote what line.

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. Fiona will also be exploring her prose work ‘Limestone Country’, a love letter to landscape and geology. Tickets are free, but registration is required.  Register here. for you, too: Claire Dyer’s the sort of person who shares her chips with you, makes sure you have a seat in a crowded room and introduces you to everybody. Further information at To purchase these collections, click on the covers or the above title links above. As part of the Whiteknights Studio Trail, Two Rivers Press poet, ,  is doing a reading from his most recent collection . Be inspired by contemporary artists’ responses to aspects of his life and work, take part in some semi-structured exercises to develop your own thoughts and ideas, and read some of Wilde’s poetry, stories and essays before composing one of your own. Afterwards there will be a chance to talk informally with the artists, to return to the exhibition and to explore other displays at this inspiring National Trust venue. All things compelled me To take this strangest of forms for the sake of my life. The exhibition, and accompanying catalogue, have been meticulously researched and beautifully presented in the grand foyer of the town hall – including, in one of the glass cabinets, a copy of Martin’s book. Steven will also be discussing his prose book reflecting upon Wordsworth, ‘Ceaseless Music’. And of course, Jack’s book will be available for sale and signing, as will Kate’s, Claire’s and Ian’s. These three verse stories call us down into an octopus world where days are dark, everything’s out to eat you, and nothing’s what it seems. This generous selection brings him into the house of major European poets – George Szirtes To purchase a copy of “Storms Under the Skin”  click here. For more information on artists taking part, visit Join us to celebrate the launch of a new collection by poet and farmer’s son, Jack Thacker. I find their inherent instability and transience very moving. I am weaving much of the history in Whispers into the speech and offering a plug for the book. The selectors also provide pieces on the Recommended Translation Storms Under the Skinby Henri Michaux, the Special Commendation elected Poems by Thom Gunn, and the Pamphlet Choice Mr Universeby Rich Goodson. So begins Kate MacDonald’s review of.  Read the complete review here.   Buy your copy of the book here. Written for young and old alike, this is a collection for reading at bedtime, acting out on playgrounds, for sharing with grandparents. Bring something to write on and with. Make a trip into beautiful Oxford in early June and join in all the free events of Oxford Translation Day.

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These are accompanied by comments from the selectors and numerous extracts from their works. In its mysterious way, the octopus has much to teach us all. There will also be a chance to delve behind the scenes to encounter a pop-up display of objects that formed inspiration behind some of this poetry. Payday loans no job verification. We really look forward to welcoming you. The Open for Art Festival is  In celebration of, Kate Powell will be creating an embroidered panel, starting at Open for Art. See Becci perform  ‘Kraken: A Story Backwards’, drawn  from the book, at the Reading Fringe. Cash advance rivers avenue.. Seventeen short reviews of poetry books for summerreading complete the publication, along with a catalogue of works available for purchase by members at a discounted price. Join us for a special evening with Steven Matthews and Fiona Sampson, where they will be discussing their latest publications, and exploring poetry, place in history and the natural world. These are poems about sounding the world, and about measuring our responses to it through its various musics. And it is doing it remarkably well.”  So begins Aoife Lyall’s review of Becci Louise’s innovative “collection”.  Read the whole review here. It does not have or seek financial support from any organisation or institution other than by the sale of subscriptions. All events are free and open to anyone, but registration is required. Then, last year, I was contacted by Piet Gooijer, who – with his colleagues in Heemskerk – was putting together an exhibition to commemorate the life and work of Henneman, who was born and raised in the town. As it happens I was already interested in early photographic experiments – we live in Herschel Street in Slough, named for the Herschel family, including John Herschel who first developed the process of cyanotype or blue-print. You can follow on FB and twitter: LiliesforOscarWilde Here is a link to the LiliesforOscarWilde blog. The evening will feature readings by Jack and by other local poets. It is grateful for the support of those who generously take out Foundation Membership or pay ordinary subscriptions. As well as reading some of his own poems, Adrian will read from the Two Rivers Press anthologies Stanley Spencer Poems and The Arts of Peace. Get a copy of Oscar Wilde’s or some other Two Rivers Press book about Reading here. I love the delicacy and tonal subtlety of those early prints or ‘photograms’ done on salted paper to make what Fox Talbot called ‘photogenic drawings’. Cash loans maroubra