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Charlie Champon Our owner, Charlie, insists on the finest styling and best feel tackle available. I can always count on Grandt rods to give me the sensitivity and strength I need in my arsenal of custom Fishing Rods. The Reserve Power series has incredible power in the butt of the rod where extra backbone is needed for moving fish quickly away from cover. The material that is used the method in which the rod is made and how the rod should be balanced are all major factors on how a rod performs. The fact that they’re made in America and come with an unconditional life time warranty is second to none. I can cast much further with less effort. Last and not least, lifetime warrantee.

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. Without a doubt Grandt Rods meet all your fishing needs and expectations in every possible way. Need the heft and strength to wrestle the big ones, you have it in the same rod. I was able to feel that one bite that would land my partner and I the winning fish. The bottom line, Jim builds rods the old way, with pride. And he puts quality above all other priorities when it comes to making a rod. The All American Series are excellent rods, that are well-built, strong, and ultra sensitive. test line, I need to make sure that all my equipment holds up to the task.  Leaving nothing to chance, I rely on Grandt Rods. There are thousands of folks I've helped. My Grandt Rods have never let me down, in both fresh and salt water. I'll never give up my Grandt's since my days on the water just got way more fun! I wish you could see my videos of how they are performing! ACCOMPLISHMENTS I've fished and guided North Central Minnesota lakes. As a fisherman, there is nothing more important than being able to feel that light bump of a walleye while dragging a jig through the thickest of weeds. Clair Pretty Girl was caught on my very favorite Grandt Musky Rod. Believe me when I say, If it wasn't for the cutting edge equipment that Grandt Rods has to offer, I wouldn't be where I am today on the tournament trails. There are other big names out there that are either too stiff with their action which can cause failure at hook setting time using circles. I wanted to personally thank you for making the best rods I have ever had the privilege to use. Thanks Jim -- Your rods make me a more confident fisherman. Everything from panfish to Marlin. Whether it’s a tournament on the line or just a day of enjoying the outdoors, you can bet I’ll have a Grandt rod by my side. Being I troll for hours on end the heavier poles made my hands sore ,but not with a lightweight Grandt. Only problem is these fish have rapidly grown in each year class to rapidly eclipse standard casting and or fly rod gear. I have to mention how light they are. Like a little flash in your rod as well, no problem, select some fancy windings and feathers and your rod is ready for the display case when you're giving it a rest.

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. It's not what you catch that is important but how you catch it and that's where a Grandt Rod makes a difference. So if you see them at an outdoor show drop in and ask for Jim Grandt. From the start of the rod process until the rod is complete its in the hands of Grandt Industries. Jim Grandt knows about the product his name is on inside and out. The only thing as good as the integrity of the rods is the integrity of Jim and Jacqueline Grandt and their staff.

I like Grandt rods because they are sensitive enough to feel the whisper of a bite from a persnickety small stream brook trout and have the backbone to turn those HUGE driftless area browns from going under log jams. They are simply unreal and so much fun to use. Not to mention the reliability of these rods are incredible. And who can beat an American made rod with a lifetime guarantee! I know every time I go fishing whether it be for fun or in tournaments ill have a Grandt rod in my hand. The sensitivity of this rod lets me feel the slightest tap on the hook that otherwise would have been missed. I've fished with his rods all over the world, Alaska, Canada, Central America, South America, Africa and the Pacific. The sensitivity of a Grandt rod is only equaled by the artistic beauty that each rod carries. Jim and the staff at Grandt Rods are prompt in their responses to questions, and get product shipped out the minute you order it. The action, backbone and all out engineering that goes into Grandt blanks is what it's all about. Alabama payday loan license. He hasn't lost touch of what it means to be a custom rod company and it shows in the quality and beauty of his Fishing Rods. No nicks, no cuts, no breaks of anything on these rods. Grandt rods deliver every time! ACCOMPLISHMENTS Active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers. Jim's fine craftsmanship offers me superior feel when the bite is light and, at the same time, gives me the backbone I need when the big boys fight back. I need help paying payday loans. If a Grandt rod is broken in anyway fishing or other wise they'll replace it free no questions asked. When you top this all off with the industries finest Lifetime Warranty and customer service from a family owned business, well then you have a complete package that cannot be beat. I can hardly wait for the spring run to once again put these beauties to use. This kind of hands on equals greater customer service and a really account on who his customers feel about his product. 500 cash loans bad credit. It all boils down to the rod. Croix, Falcon and All Pro. When Grandt says "Follow the Leader" he means it, anything else is second rate. The battles are awesome too. You can feel a bass breath on your bait. This warranty also covers accidental breakage like rod lockers, car doors etc. Outdoors Editor for the Daily Herald, one of Chicago's major, daily newspapers. Third, no short cuts in the assembly process, just hands on U.S.A. Truly an extension of one's arm when connecting with a fish. The rod helped me to do well in several bass tournaments where detecting subtle bites was a key to catching the bigger bass. Captain Don House Professional Angler: Hands down the best Fishing Rods on the market, very strong and very light weight. It’s the best of both worlds. From my stand point having a spine that evenly distributes pull without being too soft or too hard, is essential in having an edge over the fleet when using circle hooks like we must now. The All American series is extremely lightweight and the design of the handle makes it the most comfortable of any rod that I have ever used. With Grandt Rods they are light and the most sensitive rod I have ever used. This results in many more hook sets and more fish to the boat. Grandt Rods has a Warranty that no one in the market can even come close to. I specialize in outdoor photos as well as action photos in motor sports. I have my own line of super small hair jigs that I personally hand tie. I am a regular contributor to The Boscobel Dial, Crawford County Independent, Richland County Observer, and Prairie Du Chien Courier Newspapers. OUPV licensed Captain with US Coast Guard. I write for Midwest Outdoors Magazine and Simply Fishing Magazine. Overall, I firmly believe Grandt Rods are the complete rods and will meet any of your fishing requirements. The real beauty of these rods is in the "Lifetime Warranty", unmatched by any other rod manufacturer today. The All American Pro and Golden Supreme Series Rods provide all of this and more. Serious anglers need dependable gear designed for long life, that meets specific angling challenges under all conditions. I, as the captain, demand the best in functionality of tackle. When it comes to sensitivity, durability and customer service, Grandt Rods are undoubtedly the leaders of the industry. As a tournament angler having the product in your boat allows people to see that you are confident, and depend on this product to deliver results. Cash advance pro lite. I have now fished in three tournaments with the rods, and I can say without a doubt that these rods are extremely sensitive, and super strong. Compared to others she truly is art. Professional Angler: As a Bassmaster Elite series and FLW touring pro my rods need to hold up. Grandt Rods are the lightest and most sensitive Fishing Rods I’ve ever used. Three time winner of the Jim Grandt Tarpon Classic in Costa Rica. I can feel every little tick they are so sensitive. Specializing in Crappie and Deep clear Water Bass Fishing. But after the hook set you need the rod to be able to handle a heavy, fighting fish in any condition of wind, waves and current. It's the rod that fights the fish, not the hook, line, reel or even angler. There's enough backbone built in to take the steam out of even the most stubborn fish. Cash advance pro lite. Grandt rods is just that by having the technology to make the most sensitive rod out there along with the backbone and quality for big fish. Professional Angler: There's a reason Grandt Rods are the "finest Fishing Rods in the world." Grandt makes their own blanks and they are made here in the United States. The comfort and feel of the rod is another key advantage that Grandt rods provide the angler. Mogo payday loan class action. Grandt rods allow me to locate those areas. As the use of finesse baits becomes a bigger factor in catching highly pressured bass, the Grandt rods standout as the world's best. Having used all the other musky rods on the market over the years, This Grandt rod is so superior, its the only one you will ever see me musky fishing with. Like everyone says just “Follow The Leader”. I use is to cast, jerk and also troll. Jim is a genius when it comes to rod making. I had a dragonfly land on my rod and with it's wings buzzing it felt like a weed whip running full throttle in my hand. The sensitivity and backbone are like no other rod I have ever used. These rods are great for all applications of fishing. With Grandt rods you will feel more bites, have a better hook to catch ratio, and have increased confidence in your ability to catch more bass. That’s what matters, what equipment will help you put more fish in the boat. Being involved with several fishing forums has allowed me a platform to teach fishing from. Richard Cambria Blufin Tuna fishing in the northeast has commercial and sport fishing components to it. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Tournament Angler and Full Time Professional Fishing Guide on Table Rock Lake. Many manufacturers design rods to catch fishermen, at Grandt Industries our rods are designed to do one thing, help you catch more fish by placing the finest, most sensitive tool available in your hands that you've ever used. Others being too soft don't give you the stopping and turning power of the Grandt rods we use. Freelance features published in over forty outdoor publications. Outdoors columnist for NY Newsday and NY Times; Ichthyologist, Books: "The Striped Bass" and "Brook Trout". Several Manitoba Master Angler Awards for channel catfish and rainbow trout. These rods have proven to me Grandt is the only way to go. Second, he uses the best components and blanks when he builds his rods. He was using an all Black Radtke that Marvin had specially made. A must have for any Angler. Buying a rod blank and putting guides and a handle on it means you have very little knowledge about the blank that your wrapping, the material that is used or the process in which the rod blank is made. A picture of a successful crappie outing using Grandt UL rods. Professional Angler: In only a short time with Grandt Rods, I have come to know quality and reliability in both craftsmanship in the rods and customer service.

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. A super all around Musky rod. Pike, Walleyes, Crappies and Bluegills are my target fish