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I have been with the company for years. Ease of making payments and getting a full view of our accounts through their app. We even chatted back and forth several times before and after the transaction took place. I don't believe them as everything they have told me has been a lie. The online and mobile app for Capital One is very good. You can manage all your CapitalOne accounts in one integrated website and phone App. JoLisa just kept repeating that she couldn't help me and that there was no one else for me to speak to. These stories are all over the net. I wasted my time, my money and my effort to choose Capital one. We live in a world where first call resolution is the best practice. I will never ever do business with them because they sure don’t value their customers. I planned to use Capital One again as I have done with all my car loans. The customer service aspect for Capital One is awesome! They are so quick to respond and if they do not have the answer right there, they will actually get it for you and either call you back or you can wait while they get someone to better assist you. This is the second time I've written a review of Capital One because of all sorts or problems and I'm not even their customer any longer. My relatives had one and they said it was an awesome card to have. They have cost me quite a bit in late fees due to Their crappy service. Perfect for every day purchasing power. The FTC can't assist me and all my effort calling and going to different branches with cash to pay off my cash advance is not yielding any possible solution. The agent said not to worry, and they always "take care of their customers". Didn't take me too long to shut that down. We called the customer service line and asked that the interest we were charged be refunded - which I thought would be no problem at all. It's that I was approved and they sent the card out even though the restricted alert popped up on the day that I applied. Given that I'm a college student, it doesn't seem very fair to dangle an offer repeatedly and then reject me. It is because this was wrong. I got this card based on word of mouth reviews and from what I read about it. Still, if you do a lot of varied spending as many people do, this card will be worth it. So I went on the app to activate the card and it wouldn't let me. I was able to get a credit limit increase after a few months of use. Saying sorry or I understand is not world class service which I thought is what Capital One did. The only reason i signed up for the card was because of the benefits. She spoke over me numerous times when I tried to explain to her that we had no idea that the next bill was due earlier. This way the GAP would pay less than was the insurance company valued my car at. If your credit falls in the fair range or below, they'll probably deny you. My interest rate is a little high and I do not have a high credit limit at this time, but in time that will change as my credit score gets better. I would say that the only thing that needs to be improved is the time it takes to receive the card. Capital one allowed me a credit card and I was off rebuilding. I was trying to rebuild my credit. He was SO RUDE I had no words. Recently I received an email from Paypal stating someone has filed an "unauthorized charge" on their account. Capital One has enough of my information, and if this is how they treat a loyal, paying customer when fraud occurs, then I'll take my credit card business somewhere that can handle it right. I applied through the website and they gave me two card options. I was transferred a total three times. We have been making minimal payments just keep our credit on the positive side. Customer service is okay at best. I contacted them last year regarding a question about the APR and they seemed to be mostly clueless, but did provide me with links to the information I was looking for. I can't really blame this on PayPal because it's Capital One's fault. I received the card on Saturday. They work with card holders and are glad to help with any questions or fees. He stated that there is no record of the original merchant charging me twice! I asked him to look at his notes, and the notes were correct, I was charged twice. There was no empathy or understanding that I was asked to pay a car payment which was going to be paid off for a car I no longer had. No such thing at Capital One "fraud protection" services!When I tried to explain all this to the rep, I was pretty much ignored. I got the Capital One Cash Rewards card, as I got a recommendation from a friend that had the same card. After even more numerous failed attempts to contact the company that day, I called Capital One again. Thankfully with the Capital One Wallet app, I caught it right away and locked my card. Capital one silver cash advance. If I had to improve anything, it would be the APR.

 Captain Pawn is the one stop shop you can trust to get the cash you need when you need it. Very strange, since I thought the fraud was handled and this was a new card. However, I redeemed my points to apply the equated amount to my card. Spoke with JoLisa who was VERY rude. Capital One Quicksilver Credit card has been my go to card for years now. They could've called me to let me know what was going on and they didn't. They are a greedy corporate company and they do not care about their clients. Never was late with a payment, never posted any complaints. I explained to him that this mistake was on their end as my monthly payments to the credit card company in question went through just fine to the address I had provided them. I hereby request everyone not to sign up with them. Well, OK, I guess I can understand that, since I was the idiot that tried to purchase something from Israel. I also like that my rewards never expire, because I like to let them build up before I redeem them. While a minority of those internet postings preclude other important factors. Their advertisement is racial targeted to ** and Latino groups. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER and THEY DON'T HAVE ANY ANSWERS. The rep went into a spiel about regulations and current economy. Strange! This will of course result in my credit score going down. Customer service was always nice and helped me with any of my concerns. The person sent a check which looked authentic. When asked to speak with someone else, she said that there was no on else to speak to. As soon as it was discovered, we paid in full and asked for interest forgiveness which was granted. I had a positive balance until this happened.

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. Do keep in mind you have to have pretty good credit to get this card. I have good credit so I just thought I would work it out with Capital One someday in the future. Horrible customer service. We opened this card and spent a large amount of money on it in the first month of having it. I called in, and they told me my credit card address was flagged as "bad" and I needed to provide my driver's license scanned back-to-front, proof of residence, and my social security card scanned to get the hold removed. Payday loan poor credit uk. Capital One Bank will send or mail you any advertisement letter from Pre-Approval for car loan and others. They told me it's in process so they cant cancel that right now but they will take care and return the money once it's completed. For those that were not aware of the banking oligarch business practice, I am advising everyone to please stay away from patronage of this company. The issue was today, I called because a few weeks back I had totaled my car and my insurance company had cut a check to Capital One. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. I had a couple of cards from Chase in the previous years and their customer service was excellent. OK, this is strange, but I'm back to zero with this mess so I don't care. It was like she just wanted to milk me for every dime she could. Don't fall for their offers, just use other financial services, very unprofessional and not trustworthy business institution CAPITAL ONE. Had a great review up until today. We received multiple emails saying, "Thank you for your payment" and that the payment was posted. I wish there were many many more representatives like him. I will be paying this card off next week and cutting it up.. Use your heads, and train a team equipped to provide actual customer service, insted of blindly following an auto prompt. They have received copies of his probated Will, death certificate, etc. Pay told me that "The customer had filed a charge back stating they had not AUTHORIZED the charge:" And then they stated, "Sometimes the customer doesn't know that the DISPUTE HAD BEEN FILED". Interest rates may be a little higher than some others but i was using this credit line to build credit and its a dependable service so its a fair tradeoff. If you have a Capital One savings account I strongly recommend you consider closing it and moving your money to another firm who is more customer friendly. My reason was to make that month's payment because I don’t have a job at the moment and needed to make my next payment until I get a check. Right now, Capital One STILL HAS MY MONEY TIED UP. So no matter what category you're spending in, you don't get any special reward as some cards do for travel and gas. They never called or sent late payment letter or email even. I was shut down and told, “You can do what you want to do”. I guess now I will be sending a letter to corporate headquarters. It's like she did not care. This is truly a well rounded card for anyone. I get reminders when my bill is due and can easily pay my bill on my mobile device. Payday loan direct lenders no fee. I had the worst customer service experience with these people. When I got this email I was kind of bewildered and after talking with PayPal, even more disconcerted. Fast payday loans sunday. It honestly sounded too good to be true, but it really does work exactly as they say. I was amazed at my starting limit on this card. It's been locked up for several days and as of now, I have no recourse but wait on Capital One to make things right. I had dug myself into a hole with credit when I was younger.  Theses items may include jewerly,gold, games systems, musical instruments, tools, computers, and much more we also offer wholesale prices on jewerly. If I don’t make the payment my credit score would be hit which would impact my life.

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. They are rude and do not care at all about their customers. All I asked of the supervisor was to provide her agents better training and support to their clients and she made it seem like I was at fault. They called me the same day the charge was made, and they canceled the charge, closed out my account and sent me a new card. I lost my car and instead of helping me and guiding me to get a new one because that is what I planned. I have saved much money throughout the years and going on trips have been made a breeze due to the ease of the cards use. I use this as my primary card and pay it off each week by transferring money from my primary bank account. For three weeks it stated the credit account was restricted and had a ZERO balance. I like Capital One bank and have had experience with them before. I have never experienced such great conversation with a representative like Sam ever. The customer rep I spoke to even confirmed this. This card is absolutely wonderful and it is amazing to get even more cash back than I did before. I clicked the Quick Silver and was prompted to join given the benefits the card provided. A huge plus is how informative their online interface is, and payments post quickly. I decided to apply for a Capital One credit card, expecting to be declined, considering I have no accounts showing.I was approved to my surprise for an unsecured account. When do you pay a payday loan back