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I have reported this company to my local state government as well as the federal trade commission. I don't have any loans, no overdue accounts, nothing. I kept asking for the amount and all information and where they are located and they kept saying they have locations everywhere. Kept asking where they were located because they sound like they are overseas and they said they were located in Florida. Still waiting for information. Would not even tell how much I owe and said it was all in a letter. found this review helpful Original review: Jan. Have not spoken to them in years. My father received a phone call. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. I then requested a validation of debt. The FTC warns about scammers like this out there they are using "scare tactics."First debt collectors cannot issue arrest warrants it's against the law. If they threaten to have you arrested, laugh and tell them to bring it on. He threatened a court date due to fraud if I didn't pay. Guy was extremely rude, told me they have no contact information for him that they are contacting the references he used. found this review helpful ROWENA of Vallejo, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. Minutes later they call back which is actually not allowed once they leave a message but whatever. I told him don't bother calling mine unless he had the proof and valid documentation of what he was saying I owe. So to get a call like this was very upsetting. I asked him why she kept hanging up on me. I will wait, and attempt to call back another day to speak to someone else. Told them to remove my number. I will just wait for court." This is a total scam. For more information about reviews on please visit our FAQ. Do Not Have Anything To Do With This Company!! Bank & the Feds are investigate matters. Spoke to a very ignorant women. Each one refuses to answer whether or not they are a debt collector. I reminded her I only said damn and that I figured she was old enough to get over that. I told her I'd like her to do nothing. She also said that she didn't feel the need to deal with me since I insulted their firm AND swore at her. My ex in particular was confused as the account had been in her name, and that we had NEVER paid by check. found this review helpful nancy of Tucson, AZ Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. I called back again and this time a gentleman answered.

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. She then proceeded to confirm our address, in which I declined giving to her until she told me what she was calling about. This company is a fraud!! A friend of mine paid this company regarding a old DOT traffic ticket. I asked him if he had any detail on this loan company that I did not know anything about. Ace payday loans spokane valley. She looked and saw my social security number was attached to someone with a similar name, but different address and birthdate. Contacted the Security company, I have sent them a copy of driver's license so they can verify. She said, "Mediators," that he has a pending case with them. Ace payday loans spokane valley. I did not answer since I will not answer a call noted as "unknown caller". The recording did not state a name of who they were trying to contact nor the name of company calling or the client they represented. Finally, the number left a voicemail. I again asked if she is a debt collector, she started talking over me. I said, "It doesn't make sense to me that you would have my number but no way to contact my brother." Asked her to remove my name and number. I said, "Well I haven't lived there for a while." Then he said he sent the "originals" to the old address and that he had nothing he could send me. Was going to serve me papers to be summoned to court. found this review helpful Jeanine of Santee, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Aug. I called the number and I talked to a Barbara ** who was harassing, threatening and very upsetting saying that if I didn't pay her by Friday the sheriff would be at my home. Stop a payday loan. Unsubscribe easily.Alexandria of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer Original review: Aug. Citi credit card cash advance atm. However, the account was in my wife's name. I called right back and she didn't even say hello. Hmmm I have already dealt with this type of call a few months back that was a scam so I was ready. They tell me they are third party from CPN Investor or CMG.

Payday loans ft lauderdale. I called and asked if they are a debt collector. Hopefully settled soon.Original review: Dec. They claimed I took a pay-day loan and made monthly payment arrangement on debt that I didn't owe. Keep asking where and could not give me the information. I started reading the reviews & the stories were identical to mine.

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. Told them to cease & desist from calling me & my family. This is a scam and I will be contacting my local police department on this matter. I don't even have an address for them. I see now that they're huge scammers by what everyone is saying. They searched back to not just when I got my account but all the way back to when my wife and I got our joint plan AND they searched to see if someone else had opened an account in my name. I ask them today for validation and document that I owe these loans. Not over the phone." She asked me for my address and I told her no, that I wanted to know the name of the company that was suing me first. Well, I've been wrong before. He said he had other calls and will call me back and hung up. Not even a phone# of whoever he said I owe. I said, "I haven't seen him in a couple of months," that they would have same contact information for him that I do. I asked if he could send them to me now. I frequently receive debt collection calls for my ex brother in law and his wife, I assume because we have the same last name. I never got till this day. She stated that there were going to be papers filed against me and once the time ran out that I would be prosecuted for this. I've received so many harassing calls and emails concerning this fictitious loan from different 'debt collectors' that I hired a company that specifically deals with this kind of illegal activity. I asked her if she knew the amount. Got very threatening and very rude. That I better get a good attorney, once more I said "bring it on". They are definitely scammers. I recommend that anyone dealing with these people file a complaint with your state. I asked 'Amber' to provide the declaration of debt as proof. I called back multiple times. Then I yelled obscenities my husband did not know I knew. He asked how we could clear this up today.

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. It all sounded very believable so I told her we could set up something for that Friday & she was very persistent but trying to compromise. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. She asked me to verify my social security number I told her, "No. I said I would talk to my attorney. You have the right to request written validation of the debt. found this review helpful Russell of Lewes, DE Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. They threatened to take me to court in Tarrant county, Texas. When I stated that I wanted to know who was using my numbers, he hung up.. She leaves a faulty case number. This is the point where very little of what came out of her mouth was intelligible.kind of like Charlie brown's parents. Again stating the obvious, I said "you're talking to me now". Again I laughed and said "okay see you there". They also said that they had had to have an investigator try and find me since I was "hiding" from them. I gave her the number that was given to me. He began talking over me but trying to assure me he wanted to help me. When I said to her, "This makes no sense to me that you would be calling as a debt collector," she very quickly said they are not debt collectors. I called them back to get information on the account and the only thing they would tell me is that it was a company called "money and more"--one I have never heard of before. found this review helpful Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.We value your privacy. She said she will see if she can send this document. I am filing complaints with BBB and local police. He fast talked that it was interest of the original credit card debt. They couldn't tell me who it was from, when it was gotten, or anything. The reverse lookup showed the number registered in Texas. He hung up on me twice when I asked for information pertaining to this so called pay day loan--so this was very disturbing to me. found this review helpful Melissa of Mount Clare, WV Verified Reviewer Original review: Sept. Any real debt I've ever had, they gave me all the details. Make them provide you with copies of the check, information from whoever the debt is liable to, anything at all. They would have called me directly, and that yes, with the gps in my phone finding me wouldn't have been a challenge.So I figured that this would be the last I heard of them. If anyone gets a call from this company/number, do not give any info - it's probably a bunch of crooks!! Absolutely furious! found this review helpful Chris of Dutton , AL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Aug. It might get sent to another agency! found this review helpful bruno of Kettering, OH Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. I told her that I was pretty sure that she was wrong. then I get a call from a very nice oriental woman explaining it. found this review helpful Diane of Berlin , NJ Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. it was the number and removed my phone number so I wouldn't be called. I called back, spoke to one woman, who asked for my numbers, put me on hold, then hung up